Chapter 6

Other Uses of MAPs

M. Paz Arraiza, Carlos Calderon-Guerrero, Silvia C. Guillen and Miguel A. Sarmiento


Aromatic and medicinal plants are not only used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries, as we have seen, but they have many other uses, increasing in number every day as new uses are researched and discovered. These other uses of MAPs are very important due to their growing economic importance and market possibilities. Natural dyes, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides, gums, resins, turpentines, allelopathic substances and tannins are some of them. Plant extracts have been used as insecticides since before ancient Rome, a practice that continues today with more than 2,000 species. There are different strategies and the compounds, such as allopathic substances, can be found in plants of different species. Resins, tannins, gums and balsams have been widely used until today and new products are still based on their natural properties.

Total Pages: 76-87 (12)

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