Chapter 5

The Biological Activities and Synthesis of 2,6- Disubstituted Piperidinols

Yasunao Hattori and Hidefumi Makabe


2,6-Disubstituted piperidinols are one of the most investigated groups of compounds owing to their potential therapeutic use and unique structures. They show a wide variety of biological activities, including inhibition of superoxide anion production, influence on the central nervous system, antibacterial, and plant growth inhibition. For these reasons, 2,6-disubstituted piperidinols have attracted attention from medicinal, phyto-, and synthetic organic chemists. In this review, the biological profile and chemistry of 2,6-disubstituted piperidinols are described. Recent developments in synthetic methods for 2,6-disubstituted piperidinols are also discussed.

Total Pages: 196-220 (25)

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