Editor: José Carlos Magalhães Pires

Series Title: Recent Advances in Renewable Energy

Microalgae as a Source of Bioenergy: Products, Processes and Economics

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810852271170101


Microalgae could play an important role in the achievement of sustainability goals related to the generation of renewable energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These photosynthetic microorganisms are able to capture CO2 and, therefore, can be used to produce biofuels such as ethanol, methane and green diesel. Other factors, such as their high growth rate, ability to use wastewater as a culture medium and the ability to grow on non-arable land makes them a potentially economical source of biofuel production on a large scale.

This monograph introduces the reader to the basic and applied science of microalgal biofuel production. Chapters in the volume give information about bioethanol and biogas production from microalgal sources, the fermentation process, optimization of culture parameters and industrial applications of biomass projects.

The book is a useful reference for biotechnology and environmental science graduates and professionals interested in biofuel production.


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José Carlos Magalhães Pires
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-v (3)
José Carlos Magalhães Pires
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Perspectives of Energy Production from Microalgae: The Biodiesel and Cogeneration Cases

- Pp. 1-29 (29)
Carlos A. Cardona, Daniela Parra, Sebastián Serna
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Energetic Products from Microalgae: Bioethanol

- Pp. 30-52 (23)
Choon Gek Khoo, Man Kee Lam, Keat Teong Lee
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Bioethanol Production Process

- Pp. 53-66 (14)
Fabiana Regina Xavier Batista, Juliana de Souza Ferreira, Vicelma Luiz Cardoso
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Methane Production Process for Microalgae Conversion

- Pp. 67-97 (31)
Martin Pablo Caporgno, Esther Torrens, Christophe Bengoa
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Microalgae, Taking Over the Role in the Hydrogen Future

- Pp. 98-149 (52)
Suphi S. Oncel
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Algal Production Platforms

- Pp. 150-172 (23)
Alessandro Marco Lizzul, Aitor Lekuona-Amundarain
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Use of Flue Gas as Carbon Source

- Pp. 173-201 (29)
Jorge Alberto V. Costa, Adriano S. A. Henrard, Luiza Moraes, Etiele G. Morais, Igor S. Gonçalves, Michele G. Morais
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Harvesting, Thickening and Dewatering Processes

- Pp. 202-223 (22)
Dries Vandamme
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Oil Extraction Processes in Microalgae

- Pp. 224-258 (35)
Mengyue Gong, Yulin Hu, Shreyas Yedahalli, Amarjeet Bassi
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Research and Deployment of Renewable Bioenergy Production from Microalgae

- Pp. 259-277 (19)
Lieve M.L. Laurens, Melodie Chen-Glasser
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Current Production of Microalgae at Industrial Scale

- Pp. 278-296 (19)
Luis G. Ramírez-Mérida, Leila Queiroz Zepka, Eduardo Jacob-Lopes
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Environmental Applications of Microalgae: CO<sub>2</sub> Capture and Nutrient Recycling

- Pp. 297-314 (18)
Meng Wang
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Maximising Value: The Bio-Refinery Concept

- Pp. 315-331 (17)
Darren L. Oatley-Radcliffe, Thea Ekins-Coward, Robert W. Lovitt
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Energy and Economic Challenges in the Growth and Harvesting of Microalgae. The Chlorella vulgaris Case

- Pp. 332-351 (20)
Daissy Lorena Restrepo Serna, Juan Carlos Higuita Vásquez, Carlos Ariel Cardona Alzate
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Techno-economics of a Microalgal Route to Green Diesel

- Pp. 352-390 (39)
Lin Zhou, James L. Manganaro, Adeniyi Lawal
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Greenhouse Gas Balances of Microalgal Biofuels

- Pp. 391-401 (11)
Lucas Reijnders
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Triple Bottom Line Assessment of Algae Bio-crude Production

- Pp. 402-413 (12)
Arunima Malik
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Subject Index

- Pp. 414-426 (13)
José Carlos Magalhães Pires
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