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Laser Optofluidics in Fighting Multiple Drug Resistance

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810849851170101


This monograph is a collection of reviews that presents results obtained from new and somewhat unconventional methods used to fight multiple drug resistance (MDR) acquired by microorganisms and tumours. Two directions are considered: (i) the modification of non-antibiotic medicines by exposure to un-coherent, or laser optical radiation to obtain photoproducts that receive bactericidal or, possibly, tumouricidal properties and (ii) the development of new vectors (micrometric droplets of solutions containing medicinal agents) to transport medicines to targets based on optical and micro spectroscopic methods.

Chapters shed light on pendant droplets used for antibiotic drug delivery, the science of lasers and their interactions with fluids in pendant droplets and spectroscopic analyses of droplets used to treat MDR infections. It therefore equips researchers and medical professionals with information about tools that enable them to respond to medical emergencies in challenging environments.

The intended readership for this monograph includes graduate students, medical doctors, fluid physicists, biologists, photochemists, and experts in drug delivery methods employed in extreme conditions (such as those found in outer space and hypergravity conditions) who are learning about using techniques such as laser spectroscopy, biophotonics and optofluidics/microfluidics.


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Mihail Lucian Pascu
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List of Contributors

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Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Pendant Droplets - Microfluidic Approach

- Pp. 8-23 (16)
Viorel Nastasa, Angela Staicu, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Pendant Droplets - Optofluidic Approach

- Pp. 24-40 (17)
Mihail Lucian Pascu, Angela Staicu, Mihai Boni
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Profile Analysis Tensiometry for Studies of Liquid Interfacial Dynamics

- Pp. 41-74 (34)
Joo Y. Won, Vamseekrishna Ulaganathan, Ayim Tleuova, Talmira Kairaliyeva, Altynay A. Sharipova, Xiu W. Hu, Mohsen Karbaschi, Georgi Gochev, Aliyar Javadi, Mohammad Taeibi Rahni, Alexander V. Makievski, Jürgen Krägel, Saule B. Aidarova, Reinhard Miller
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Pendant Droplets: Overview of Dynamics and Applications

- Pp. 75-111 (37)
Daulet Izbassarov, Metin Muradoglu
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Multiple Drug Resistance: An Up-Date

- Pp. 112-137 (26)
Ruxandra Pirvulescu, Mihaela Oana Romanitan, Alina Popa- Cherecheanu
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Laser Beam Properties

- Pp. 138-149 (12)
Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Unresonant Interaction of Laser Beams with Pendant Droplets

- Pp. 150-183 (34)
Ionut Relu Andrei, Mihai Boni, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Resonant Interaction of Laser Beams with Pendant Droplets

- Pp. 184-218 (35)
Mihail Lucian Pascu, Mihai Boni, Tatiana Tozar, Adriana Smarandache, Alexandru Stoicu, Ionut Relu Andrei
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Microdroplets of Laser Irradiated Drug Solutions: Surface Tension and Contact Angle

- Pp. 219-249 (31)
Ligia Frunza, Irina Zgura, Valeriu Florin Cotorobai, Constantin Paul Ganea, Stefan Frunza
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Interaction of Laser Beams with Medicine Solutions in Bulk

- Pp. 250-292 (43)
Angela Staicu, Adriana Samarandache, Tatiana Tozar, Alexandru Stoicu, Ruxandra Pirvulescu, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Lasers in Foams and Emulsions Studies

- Pp. 293-337 (45)
Viorel Nastasa, Mihai Boni, Alexandru Stoicu, Andra Dinache, Adriana Smarandache, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Application of Laser Modified Medicines in Fighting Multiple Drug Resistance Acquired by Microorganisms

- Pp. 338-365 (28)
Tatiana Tozar, Alexandru Stoicu, Viorel Nastasa, Marcela Popa, Adriana Smarandache, Marieta Costache, Mariana Carmen Chi
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Application of Optically Modified Medicines in Fighting Pseudotumours

- Pp. 366-406 (41)
Ruxandra Pirvulescu, Tatiana Tozar, Alexandru Stoicu, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Interaction of Medicines Exposed to Laser Beams with Fabrics of Interest for Biomedical Applications

- Pp. 407-427 (21)
Ágota Simon, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Microvolumetric Droplets in Air in Hypergravity Conditions

- Pp. 428-445 (18)
Ágota Simon, Alexandru Stoicu, Tatiana Tozar, Ionuț Relu Andrei, Săndel Simion, Jack J. W. A. van Loon, Alan Dowson, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Lasing by Optically Pumped Pendant Droplets

- Pp. 446-470 (25)
Mihai Boni, Ionut Relu Andrei, Angela Staicu, Viorel Nastasa, Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Spectroscopy of Microdroplets: An Alternative to the Spectroscopy of Bulky Materials

- Pp. 471-482 (12)
Mihail Lucian Pascu, Adriana Smarandache, Tatiana Tozar, Ionut Relu Andrei
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Subject Index

- Pp. 481-490 (10)
Mihail Lucian Pascu
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