Editor: Enedir Ghisi

Series Title: Frontiers in Civil Engineering

Water Savings in Buildings

Volume 2

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810848311170201


Water saving is an important aspect civil engineering and building design around the world. Alternative water sources as well as water saving appliances have been studied by many researchers in order to maximize water savings in buildings and promote building design that favours water savings. This volume explores topics related to water savings: rainwater tank sizing and modelling, wastewater treatment and reuse, relationships between user behaviour and water savings, health issues related to water savings and environmental analysis of rainwater and grey water use in buildings.

Water Savings in Buildings is a handy resource for researchers, post-graduate students, undergraduate students and engineers working in water utilities, environment agencies and associated industries interested in understanding the basics of implementing systems to achieve water savings in buildings.


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Enedir Ghisi
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List of Contributors

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Enedir Ghisi
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State of the Art on Water Savings in Buildings in Brazil: A Literature Review

- Pp. 1-61 (61)
Andrea Teston, Barbara Müller Colasio, Enedir Ghisi
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Rainwater Tanks to Save Water in Buildings: An Australian Perspective

- Pp. 62-82 (21)
M. Ashiqur Rahman, Md Mahmudul Haque, Amir Ahmed, Ataur Rahman
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Criteria for the Optimal Sizing of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Europe

- Pp. 83-114 (32)
Ilaria Gnecco, Anna Palla, Alberto Campisano, Carlo Modica
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Economic, Environmental, and Social Criteria Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting System Options for an Office and Lab Building on the University of Utah Campus

- Pp. 115-147 (33)
Ghazaleh Vaseghi, Ilke Celik, Steven Burian, Defne Apul
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Technology Improvements or Influencing User Behaviour for Water Savings in Administrative and University Buildings: Which One Should Come First?

- Pp. 148-195 (48)
Asher Kiperstok, Alice Costa Kiperstok
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Water Savings in Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Portugal: Influence of Weather and Type of Building

- Pp. 196-250 (55)
Cristina Matos Silva, Vitor Sousa, Inês Meireles
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Health Issues and Security of Water Saving Systems

- Pp. 251-282 (32)
Cristina Santos, Cristina Matos, Armando Silva-Afonso
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Subject Index

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Enedir Ghisi
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