Chapter 4

Exercise and Obesity

Tommy Boone


Obese people in the United States will increase from 99 million in 2008 to 164 million by 2030, and the cost to treat obesity will increase to 66 billion per year by 2030. These figures and the knowledge of real life events with family and friends clearly indicate that the U.S. and its population are in the midst of an epidemic of health and economic consequences. It is pastime that the scope and ramifications of obesity and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle should be taken much more seriously by the American population. Board Certified Exercise Physiologists are prepared to educate, evaluate, and supervise exercise prescriptions that can be incorporated in the client or patient’s lifestyle to help prevent weight gain, premature death, and overall metabolic risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.

Total Pages: 106-127 (22)

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