Chapter 7

Treatment of Class II Malocclusion Using Clear Aligners

Tarek El-Bialy


Although it has been reported earlier in 2005 that it is difficult to achieve full correction of sagittal relationship (class II or III) either dental or skeletal using clear aligners, pioneer reports by Boyd and Dahr [1, 2] have been stimulating to the creativity of orthodontists who may modify original protocols that were provided by Boyed and Dahr. Proper designing clincheck or treatment planning in class II cases is very important utilizing the principles of both functional appliances and bioprogressive techniques. The following cases will explain how to utilize both functional appliance and bioprogressive principles using clear aligners to correct class II cases. Although, this might seem as case reports or case series, further clinical trials are required to support or otherwise provide other evidences of using clear aligners in correcting class II skeletal and dental cases.

Total Pages: 51-77 (27)

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