Editor: Yucheng Liu

Series Title: Frontiers in Aerospace Science

Aerospace Structures and Materials

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810830561160101


This comprehensive volume presents a wide spectrum of information about the design, analysis and manufacturing of aerospace structures and materials. Readers will find an interesting compilation of reviews covering several topics such as structural dynamics and impact simulation, acoustic and vibration testing and analysis, fatigue analysis and life optimization, reversing design methodology, non-destructive evaluation, remotely piloted helicopters, surface enhancement of aerospace alloys, manufacturing of metal matrix composites, applications of carbon nanotubes in aircraft material design, carbon fiber reinforcements, variable stiffness composites, aircraft material selection, and much more.

This volume is a key reference for graduates undertaking advanced courses in materials science and aeronautical engineering as well as researchers and professional engineers seeking to increase their understanding of aircraft material selection and design.


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Yucheng Liu
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii-iii (1)
Yucheng Liu
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Analysis of Linear/Non-Linear Aeroelastic Response of Supersonic Thick Fins

- Pp. 3-64 (62)
R.D. Firouz-Abadi, S.M. Alavi, M. Rahmanian, H. Haddadpour
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An Analytical and Experimental Investigation into Vibratory Force for Aircraft Wings

- Pp. 65-112 (48)
Xueguang Bi, Yucheng Liu
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Computational and Analytical Investigation of Lateral Impact Behavior of Pressurized Pipelines

- Pp. 113-152 (40)
Yangqing Dou, Yucheng Liu
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Effect of Bondline Thickness on the Tractionseparation Laws of Adhesively Bonded Joint

- Pp. 154-239 (86)
Gefu Ji, Zhenyu Ouyang, Guoqiang Li
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Optimization of Geometric Parameters and Reversing Design Methodology of Investment

- Pp. 240-268 (29)
Yangqing Dou, Yangliu Dou, Kun Bu, Yiwei Dong
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Vibration Induced Fatigue Analysis of Aerospace Structures

- Pp. 269-301 (33)
Murat Aykan, Mehmet Çelik
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Fatigue Life Optimization of Laser Peened Aircraft Components

- Pp. 302-325 (24)
Anoop Vasu, Ramana V. Grandhi
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Prediction of Residual Stress Relaxation in Ti-6Al-4V subjected to Laser Peening

- Pp. 326-353 (28)
Anoop Vasu, Ramana V. Grandhi
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Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Welded Structures for Aerospace Applications

- Pp. 354-395 (42)
Mohammad W. Dewan, Daniel J. Huggett, Muhammad A. Wahab
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Development of a Remotely Piloted Helicopter for Civil Applications

- Pp. 393-441 (49)
N. Goudarzi, R. M. Ziazi, F. Kermanshahi, S. Sadati, M. S. Sajedi, M. Mohagheghi
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Materials Selection in Design of Structures of Subsonic and Supersonic Aircrafts

- Pp. 442-467 (26)
Zainul Huda
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Potential Aerospace Applications of Carbon Nanotubes

- Pp. 468-496 (29)
Omid Gohardani
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Combination of Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound and Pre-Impregnated, Tailored Carbon Fiber Reinforcements

- Pp. 497-514 (18)
Marc Fette, Nicole Stöß, Jens Wulfsberg, Axel Herrmann, Gerhard Ziegmann, Georg Lonsdorfer
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Design Optimization of Variable Stiffness Composite Structures for Aerospace Applications

- Pp. 515-541 (27)
Mohammad Rouhi, Hossein Ghayoor, Suong V. Hoa, Mehdi Hojjati
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Manufacturing Challenges Associated with the Use of Metal Matrix Composites in Aerospace Structures

- Pp. 542-563 (22)
Tracie Prater
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Subject Index

- Pp. 564-577 (14)
Yucheng Liu
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.Advanced Control of Flight Vehicle Maneuver and Operation.
.Conceptual Design of Green Transport Airplanes.
.High Order Large Eddy Simulation for Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction Control by a Micro-ramp Vortex Generator.