Editors: Klas Nordlind, Anna Zalewska-Janowska

Skin and Psyche

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-302-5 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810830181160101


Practicing dermatologists are likely to encounter several patients who have psychological difficulties in dealing with various skin conditions. While there are several factors that might be responsible for these difficulties (such as physical and mental stress), it is becoming increasingly clear nowadays that skin disease patients experiencing such issues need to be managed with a multidisciplinary approach to improve treatment outcomes.

Skin and Psyche delves into the realm of psychodermatology – the cusp of dermatology, psychology and psychiatry. The book enhances the reader´s knowledge about relevant topics such as the biology of the skin, the impact of stress on skin inflammation, acne vulgaris, skin diseases secondary to delusions and other psychiatric diseases, psoriasis and much more. Different forms of non-pharmacological treatments of these diseases are also mentioned. The book also contains a concise guide to building a psychodermatology clinic.

Skin and Psyche is a vital reference for dermatologists, hospital managers and psychiatrists looking for tips to improve their ability to interact with individuals while assisting them to cope with dermatological diseases and conditions.


Psychodermatology is a part of general dermatology. As dermatologists, we will definitely meet patients with parasite delusions and, neurotic excoriation/artefacts, dysmorphofobia, or stress-worsened eczema.

This area meets several challenges, such as economy and difficulties to assess the outcomes for the patients. At the same time, the area of psychodermatology has a substantial developmental capacity. This goes for patient’s clinical treatment as well as for more theoretical research.

Anna Zalewska-Janowska and I first met at an European Society of Dermatovenerology (EADV) conference in Gothenburg, and we decided to, together with experts in the respective fields, form this e-book in order to shed light on this important part of dermatology. Subsequently, we organized a few sessions on the Neurobiology of the Skin at European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) Congresses.

This e-book mainly aims at creating an interest for psychodermatology in dermatologists, both hospital based and colleagues working as private practitioners. Important issues dealing with chronic inflammatory diseases, facial dermatoses, artefacts, dysmorphophobia, parasite delusions, and therapeutic steps are dealt with.

Klas Nordlind
Department of Dermatology
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna
Anna Zalewska-Janowska
Psychodermatology Department
Medical University of Lodz


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