Editors: Silvio Marcio Pegoraro Balzan, Vinícius Grando Gava

Principles of Hepatic Surgery

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-286-8 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-285-1 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810828511160101


Principles of Hepatic Surgery introduces the reader to current trends in Liver surgery knowledge and practice. This reference book covers liver surgery fundamentals as well as cutting-edge progress in this exciting surgical specialty. Contributions have been written by expert hepatic surgeons from major medical centers around the world.

Key features include:

- Information organized into five comprehensive sections: i) Liver Anatomy and Perioperative Care, ii) Approach to Malignant Hepatic Disease, iii) Approach to Benign Hepatic Disease, iv) Technical Aspects of Liver Resections, and v) Liver Transplantation

- Over 350 illustrations

- Truly effective didactic text, with logical, clear explanations, giving readers a pleasant reading experience

- Commentary sections written by experts for specific surgical cases.

Principles of Hepatic Surgery is a valuable reference for both novice hepatologists and practicing liver surgeons.


The main goal of “Principles of Hepatic Surgery” is to introduce the reader to the modern era of liver surgery and to discuss its current features. This ambitious project was conceived as a means of covering both the fundamentals of liver surgery as well as cutting-edge progress in this exciting surgical area.

We sought to provide a pleasant reading experience through a concise but comprehensive manuscript. To that end, we were fortunate to have an impressive list of contributors including experts from major centers devoted to hepatic surgery around the world. In addition, texts and illustrations were largely edited to avoid excessive overlap and to achieve a standard style. With 350 illustrations and figures, readers are provided with truly effective didactic material.

Hopefully, “Principles of Hepatic Surgery” will not only be of value to those at the beginning of their training in the field, but will also become a key source of up-to-date information for practicing liver surgeons. To address potential differences in approaches to and/or the biology of a given condition, some chapters include a commentary section written by other experts.

In summary, our aim was to publish a textbook providing logical, concise, and clear information in the field of hepatic surgery. As such, this first edition of “Principles of Hepatic Surgery” has exceeded our expectations and also inspired us to look forward to further developments in the field.

Silvio M P Balzan
Vinícius G Gava


We are deeply grateful to the collaborators that believed in this project and dedicated their valuable time to this textbook.

Thanks to Dr Fábio Girardi, our colleague and illustrator, for his tireless work in providing clear and informative illustrations.

We are thankful to Rebecca Wolfe for her expertise in medical English and the copy-editing of almost the entire textbook.

Thanks to Milton Duarte for his hard work in the typesetting and edition of the figures.