Author: Phillip Shinnick

Whole Person Self Healing: A Science and Art

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810825921170101


Whole Person Self Healing brings an interdisciplinary healing approach to relieve pain and suffering. The book covers different topics that introduce readers to alternative therapies that can help the healing processes in the body. These topics include an introduction to pulsed electromagnetic fields and their use in healing medicine, stable Bose-Einstein statistics, meditation techniques, scientific measurement of Qi energy and Qigong practice methods. The book also presents cases of family-based therapy and individuals recovering from painful injury.

Whole Person Self Healing presents information based on physics research and subjective accounts of individuals. The book offers general readers, researchers and therapists a scientific perspective on the benefits of electromagnetic field therapy and meditation for healing the body.


The industrial revolution marked an important change in the evolution of humankind. It uses machines and dead sources of energy to mass produce food and material goods, this process tends to increase disorder. It creates greater fragmentation because it uses human beings to exploit nature and other human beings. We can now see that the U.S. health care systems, by following the mass production model under Capitalism, treat patients like commodities or cattle. Health care private capitalism is a system designed to fill the pockets of shareholders through dividends, and stock values; executives of insurance companies are rewarded for denying health benefits (particularly for more traditional or alternative medicine). The medical profession no longer offers benefits that treat the Whole Person due to time limits demanded by the insurers. Instead, it primarily recommends taking high risk drugs and surgery. Drug companies subsidize physicians each year 6.5 billion, with physicians holding a billion in stocks. Scientific research funds just an interior reductionist approach on the molecular level not the Whole Person (response to the diagnosis, behavior, and circumstances causing disease). Companies that create new technological instruments promote expensive, high tech diagnostic tests that have questionable benefits. While the healthcare system profits from pain and suffering, these practices continue to move us away from nature sources of disease and toward instrumental, mechanistic thinking ignoring the totality of the situation..

We are neither machines nor commodities from which to make a profit. We are living organisms. According to negative entropy, all living things preserve their internal order by exchanging energy with their surroundings. How could we return to a more natural state without going backward in time? We can practice cultural healing techniques that were used successfully in the past to raise human consciousness in the present day. How can we naturally restore our health and our environment? How might we integrate the deep knowledge of past masters with the modern age of science? Dr. Shinnick, Dr. Roy, Dr. Freed, Dr. Omura, Guy Obolensky, Dr. Sancier and Dr. Chen have dedicated their lives to answering these questions. Though their work is scientific, their research has always centered on helping people learn to heal themselves. The work they have done helps us to understand life enhancing energies, how to connect to them and how to benefit from the natural forces that maintain life.

Mankind created Medicine, Science, Meditation and Art to satisfy its great desire to understand life and give it meaning. The healing medicine this book proposes is derived from the integration of science, art and meditation. Like us, these systems are open, flowing, and they impact deeply upon each other. Scientists might learn about the benefits of meditation by studying brain waves. Artists can use science to explore new directions in their work. Science, Medicine, Art and Meditation function as an interactive whole, but each system activates a different center in us. Art touches our heart, our emotional center. Science challenges our rationality and intellect, while meditation grounds us in the center located below our navel. The flow between these systems heals us.

Our body is at the center of Life. It is Life. We are responsible for our lives, but we often dissociate ourselves from the source of our aliveness. Then our lives are run by myriad thoughts and a limited ego. This creates suffering and violence toward ourselves, other human beings and the whole of life. By being present to the health of our bodies, our minds and our behavior, we can learn to balance our systems and synchronize them. By taking responsibility, we heal ourselves. Then all human beings and the whole of life will benefit from the good energy our healing generates.

Phillip Shinnick
Whole Person Self Healing Institute, Inc.
New York,


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