Chapter 4

Telemedicine 3D- and 4D-ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Edward O`Mahony, Edward Araujo Junior, Adilson Cunha Ferreira and Fabrício da Silva Costa


Three-dimensional (3D) ultrasonography has been found to be a clinically useful adjunct to two-dimensional (2D) ultrasonography in assessing a variety of fetal anomalies of certain organ systems. 3D/four-dimensional (4D) ultrasonography has great potential for application in telemedicine. Although currently in its early stages, when fully developed it should permit the acquisition of a volume of imaging data by an unskilled operator for image processing and skilled interpretation at a remote site. This chapter will explore the applications of 3D/4D ultrasonography in telemedicine. The equipment and technologies applied and current barriers to implementation are subsequently discussed.

Total Pages: 47-61 (15)

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