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Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational and Related Considerations

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Year of Publication: 2015
DOI: 10.2174/97816810811681150101


Individuals with Angelman Syndrome (AS) present many unique challenges to professionals, parents and others who are committed to maximizing individuals’ competence while ensuring them the best possible quality of life. Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational, and Related Considerations is a unique, exhaustive compilation of existing material related to understanding the nature of AS and how individuals’ communication and related skills can be fostered most effectively. It provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the background of Angelman Syndrome along with an in-depth exploration of communication (with a focus on augmentative and alternative communication), educational, and related issues that should be addressed when attempting to meet the needs of individuals with AS at home, school, work, and elsewhere in the community.

Key features of the book include:

  • - Extensive background information about medical and related factors behind AS and how they influence individuals’ learning
  • - A series of prologues written by the parents of individuals with AS
  • - Contributions from internationally recognized experts on AS, communication disorders, psychology and education
  • - Numerous practical, evidence-based strategies for conducting assessments and carrying out interventions among AS affected individuals

Speech-language pathologists, allied healthcare providers and educators providing support to affected individuals should benefit from the information provided in the book by being able to identify appropriate communication, behavioral and educational goals. Laypersons, particularly parents, will also find the information highly useful in advocating for best practices for their children (which is partly fostered by the series of parental prologues).

Angelman Syndrome: Communication, Educational, and Related Considerations will not only serve as a valuable reference for improving the learning experience for AS affected individuals but will also embolden both professionals and parents to maintain higher expectations for them.


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List of Contributors

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Clinical Features, Medical Issues, and Diagnostic Testing in Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 3-27 (25)
Jennifer M. Mueller, Charles A. Williams
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Learning Characteristics of Students with Angelman Syndrome and Related Instructional Strategies

- Pp. 27-74 (48)
Erin S. Sheldon
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Broad Considerations Driving AAC and Related Instruction for Individuals With Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 75-114 (40)
Stephen N. Calculator
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Overview of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Special Considerations for Individuals With Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 115-130 (16)
Stephen N. Calculator
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Fostering Communication Skills in Beginning Communicators

- Pp. 131-163 (33)
Jeff Sigafoos, Vanessa A. Green, Robert Didden, Mark F. O`Reilly, Giulio E. Lancioni, Peter B. Marschik
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Fostering Effective Communication in Individuals With Angelman Syndrome Who Rely on Symbolic Methods of Communication

- Pp. 164-191 (28)
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Enhanced Natural Gestures: A Self-Administered Program for Teaching Communicative Behaviors to Individuals with Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 192-216 (25)
Stephen N. Calculator
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Application of Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in Addressing Challenging Behaviors of Individuals with Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 217-243 (27)
Jane Summers
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Comprehensive Literacy Instruction for Students with Angelman Syndrome

- Pp. 244-287 (44)
Erin S. Sheldon, Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
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The Role of AAC In Fostering Inclusion of Adults with Angelman Syndrome in Post-School, Home and Community Settings

- Pp. 288-321 (34)
Teresa Iacono, Hilary Johnson
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