Editor: Fadi Dornaika

Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and Applications

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810811061160101


Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and applications describes several approaches to facial image analysis and recognition. Eleven chapters cover advances in computer vision and pattern recognition methods used to analyze facial data. The topics addressed in this book include automatic face detection, 3D face model fitting, robust face recognition, facial expression recognition, face image data embedding, model-less 3D face pose estimation and image-based age estimation. The chapters are also written by experts from a different research groups. Readers will, therefore, have access to contemporary knowledge on facial recognition with some diverse perspectives offered for individual techniques. The book is a useful resource for a wide audience such as i) researchers and professionals working in the field of face image analysis, ii) the entire pattern recognition community interested in processing and extracting features from raw face images, and iii) technical experts as well as postgraduate computer science students interested in cutting edge concepts of facial image recognition.


- Pp. i
Denis Hamad
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- Pp. ii
Fadi Dornaika
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii
Fadi Dornaika
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Facial Expression Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

- Pp. 3-22 (20)
Wenyun Sun, Zhong Jin
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Sparsity Preserving Projection Based Constrained Graph Embedding and Its Application to Face Recognition

- Pp. 23-28 (6)
Libo Weng, Zhong Jin, Fadi Dornaika
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Face Recognition Using Exponential Local Discriminant Embedding

- Pp. 39-65 (27)
Alireza Bosaghzadeh, Fadi Dornaika
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Adaptive Locality Preserving Projections for Face Recognition

- Pp. 66-85 (20)
Fadi Dornaika, Ammar Assoum
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Face Recognition Using 3D Face Rectification

- Pp. 86-108 (23)
Alireza Bosaghzadeh, Mohammadali Doostari, Alireza Behrad
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3D Face Recognition

- Pp. 109-131 (23)
Alireza Behrad
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Model-Less 3D Face Pose Estimation

- Pp. 132-153 (22)
Fawzi Khattar, Fadi Dornaika, Ammar Assoum
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Efficient Deformable 3D Face Model Fitting to Monocular Images

- Pp. 154-180 (27)
Luis Unzueta, Waldir Pimenta, Jon Goenetxea, Luís Paulo Santos, Fadi Dornaika
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Face Detection Using the Theory of Evidence

- Pp. 181-216 (36)
Franck Luthon
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Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis: Considering the Fuzziness in Facial Age Feature Extraction

- Pp. 217-233 (17)
Shenglan Ben
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Facial Image-Based Age Estimation

- Pp. 234-250 (17)
Ammar Assoum, Jouhayna Harmouch
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Subject Index

- Pp. 251-254 (4)
Fadi Dornaika
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