Editor: Atta-ur-Rahman / Khurshid Zaman

Topics in Anti-Cancer Research

Volume 4

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Year of Publication: 2015
DOI: 10.2174/97816810807651150401


This is the fourth volume of the eBook Series entitled Topics in Anti-Cancer Research. This volume covers new research as well as updated chapters on topics relevant to modern cancer research published in the journal Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery.

Interesting diverse methods, new technologies and fast developing areas in the field of anti-cancer research are presented. The topics included in the present volume will be of great value to clinicians, scientists and R&D experts aiming to learn more about the latest developments and new alternatives for different types of cancer treatment.

The use of gold macro rods and ultrasound for cancer treatment with hyperthermia, obesity associated breast cancer, and the role of cytokines and chemokines pathways in studying cancer immunotherapy are discussed. The mechanism of antibody-drug and antibody-toxin conjugates alongwith clinical trials research, significance of transforming growth factor-beta and urokinase type plasminogen activator in tumorigenesis and reverstol studies in oncohematological disorders are also presented.

Other important areas covered include the discovery of novel compounds, drugs and chemotherapeutics in the treatment of lung cancer, biological functions of cell surface nucleolin in cancer, polymeric nanosystems and nanosystem applications used for anticancer drug therapy. Recent advances in development of new potent tubulin inhibitors and structures of molecular hybrids and their actions in different cell lines have also been discussed. All these studies focused are supported by recent associated patents

The topics covered in this fourth volume will be of immense interest for those researchers and scientists looking for new techniques, targets, drugs, compounds and drug delivery methods for various types of cancer and its control.

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Atta-ur-Rahman, Khurshid Zaman
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List of Contributors

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Atta-ur-Rahman, Khurshid Zaman
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Targeted Cancer Therapy: The Roles Played by Antibody-Drug and Antibody-Toxin Conjugates

- Pp. 3-103 (101)
Franco Dosio, Barbara Stella, Paola Milla, Carlo Della Pepa, Daniela Gastaldi, Silvia Arpicco
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Targeting Cell Surface Nucleolin in Cancer

- Pp. 104-155 (52)
Marina Koutsioumpa, Effrosyni Choleva, Evangelia Papadimitriou
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Anticancer Agents Targeting Tubulin

- Pp. 156-270 (115)
Ritu Ojha, Sahil Sharma, Kunal Nepali
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Resveratrol in Malignant Hemopathies

- Pp. 271-314 (44)
Romeo G. Mihăilă
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Cancer Immunotherapy: The Share of Cytokines and Chemokines

- Pp. 315-382 (68)
Amedeo Amedei, Domenico Prisco
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Molecular Hybrids with Anticancer Activity

- Pp. 383-454 (72)
Samir Mehndiratta, Sahil Sharma, Sunil Kumar, Kunal Nepali
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On the Use of Gold Macro-Rods and Ultrasound as a Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment: Experimental Results on Ehrlich Tumor in Mus musculus Mice

- Pp. 455-475 (21)
Carlos Austerlitz, Andre L. Barros, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Diana Campos, Teresinha G. Silva, Silene C. Nascimento, Ioannis Haranas
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Circulating and Local Estrogen Concentrations are Protective against Breast Cancer in Obese Women

- Pp. 476-523 (48)
Zsuzsanna Suba
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Recent Patents on Polymeric Nanosystems Applications for Anticancer Drug Delivery

- Pp. 524-601 (78)
María E. Ruiz, Melisa E. Gantner, Alan Talevi
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Recent Patents on Nanosystems Applications to Anticancer Drug Therapy: Lipid-based Systems

- Pp. 602-659 (58)
Alan Talevi, María E Ruiz
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Novel Patents and Cancer Therapies for Transforming Growth Factor-β and Urokinase Type Plasminogen Activator: Potential Use of Their Interplay in Tumorigenesis

- Pp. 660-716 (57)
Jelena Krstić, Irina Maslovarić, Hristina Obradović, Tamara Kukolj, Juan F. Santibanez
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Novel Compounds and Drugs and Related Patents in Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

- Pp. 717-746 (30)
Attapon Cheepsattayakorn, Ruangrong Cheepsattayakorn
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The Rationale of Immunogenic and Effective Naked DNA Vaccines Against Cancer: Latest Advances

- Pp. 747-794 (48)
Daniela Fioretti, Sandra Iurescia, Monica Rinaldi
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Atta-ur-Rahman, Khurshid Zaman
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Atta-ur-Rahman, Khurshid Zaman
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