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The Correlates of Loneliness

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810807031160101


Loneliness has been described by modern psychologists as a 21st century epidemic, as it has been the subject of numerous news headlines in many regions. While many elderly people are affected by loneliness, the phenomenon has been increasingly observed by sociologists in younger individuals as well, including adolescents and university students. The correlates of loneliness is a collection of articles written by leading experts in the fields of psychology, sociology, social work and education, which examine how loneliness affects the various aspects of human lives, such as mental health, relationships, growing up, educational experiences, and the ability to be and remain an integral part of society.

The book explains the concept of loneliness in psychological theory and presents a few studies on loneliness among different populations (including a case study on Finnish people).

Written in a clear and systematic manner, The correlates of loneliness is the definitive beginners reference on the topic of loneliness for academicians, sociologists, psychiatrists and general readers.


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Ami Rokach
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List of Contributors

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Ami Rokach
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Modern Loneliness in Historical Perspective

- Pp. 3-33 (31)
K. D. M. Snell
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Loneliness As A Mediator Variable Between Parenting and Coping in Adolescence

- Pp. 34-49 (16)
Maria Cristina Richaud de Minzi, Carla Sacchi, Belen Mesurado
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Teachers, Students & Loneliness in Schools

- Pp. 50-63 (14)
Ami Rokach
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Lonely Young People and Technology

- Pp. 64-80 (17)
Marilyn Campbell
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Relationship Between Peer Victimization and Loneliness in Children and Youth: Promising Approaches

- Pp. 81-107 (27)
Shireen Pavri
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Feeling Inadequate and Alone: The Effects of University Induced Loneliness

- Pp. 108-127 (20)
Ami Rokach, Shauna Spirling
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Loneliness, Relationships, and Health

- Pp. 128-155 (28)
Chris Segrin, Tricia J. Burke, Terry Badger
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The Portrayal of Lonely Finnish People

- Pp. 156-183 (28)
Niina Junttila, Pamela Zoe Topalli, Sakari Kainulainen, Juho Saari
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Loneliness, Coping and Wellbeing Following Marital Loss and Separation: An Empirical Study

- Pp. 184-214 (31)
Hasida Ben-Zur, Keren Michael
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Subject Index

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Ami Rokach
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