Author: Eva Chmielewska

Environmental Zeolites and Aqueous Media: Examples of Practical Solutions

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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080593241140101


Environmental Zeolites and Aqueous Media: Examples of Practical Solutions brings to light the characteristic features of ion exchange and adsorption onto natural zeolite for environmental cleanup processes, particularly for water purification, zeolite`s present, past and future. This book emphasizes on the recent development in the synthesis and manufacturing of the advanced cost-effective organic and inorganic zeolite-based adsorbents.

The scope of this book covers a range of topics including natural zeolite, general aspects of adsorption, physical characterization of fundamental ion exchange, kinetic and thermodynamic studies and diagenesis in hydrologically open systems.

The contents of this book include chapters on occurrence, diagenesis and crystal structure of zeolites, basic research of ion exchange and adsorption onto zeolites in aqueous solutions, kinetic and thermodynamic studies for phosphate removal using natural adsorption materials, natural zeolite and many more.

Environmental Zeolites and Aqueous Media: Examples of Practical Solutions is a valuable resource for graduate students, undergraduate students and researchers seeking updated and critically important information in this field.


The author of the eBook is a former project leader responsible for clinoptilolite-rich tuff utilization in water treatment and water purification processes, currently preparing some new advanced or innovated postmodified zeolite adsorbents that can be used more universally, testing together with plenty of other economic feasible natural or unconventional adsorption materials or even waste products and thus by contributing to future sustainability of our environment. Nearly all the examples contained in the eBook are based on real experimental data.

In the author´s memory such zeolite experts names like B.W. Mercer, L.L. Ames, F.A. Mumpton, R. Svetich, all from USA, A. Dyer from Great Britain or L. Liberti from Italy, will remain forever some of whom the author visited or met personally and was instantly impressed by their intense human approach, e.g. by Prof. Mumpton during the zeolite conference Slovzeo in High Tatra (former Czechoslovakia, 1984) and Zacatecas (Mexico, 2003), by Prof. Dyer at the International Conference on Occurrence, Properties and Utilization of Natural Zeolites in Budapest (Hungary, 1985) and also in University of Salford (Great Britain 2002), and by Prof. Liberti at the University of Bari (Italy, 1995).

The author was pleased by the warm welcome of the responsible zeolite chemist at TTSA and Waste water facility at Tahoe (California), (Dr. R. Svetich, in January 1995), facility which was the best and first in the world applying clinoptilolite-rich tuff for water treatment.

The author also admires the pioneering works of B.W. Mercer and L.L. Ames with their coworkers, published in 1975 under US Water Pollution Control Federation (WPCF) Journal, which was accidentally accessible at the author´s former employer Water Research Institute in Bratislava and offered great inspirations to zeolite researchers of that time.


The project of natural zeolites utilization for water treatment processes is currently funded by the Slovak Scientific Council VEGA (Project # 1/0185/12) and under the bilateral Slovak-Chinese Cooperation SK-CN-0033-12 “Liquidwaste minimization and valorization by multi-dimensional hierarchical composites of natural resources”.

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