Chapter 5

Role of Scaffolds in Dentistry - From Conventional to Modern Innovative Biomaterials

M. Mozafari, M. Jafarkhani, A.M. Urbanska, H.H Caicedo and S. Shahrabi Farahani


Dental tissue injuries significantly affect the quality of life of hundreds of people worldwide. Although dental implants can be functionally effective in many cases, they are not able to completely satisfy all the aspects of regenerative dentistry. Tissue engineering using innovative biomaterial scaffolds that support cells for functional regenerative dental tissues offers new possibilities for clinical dentistry. There have been several attempts to examine different biomaterial scaffolds and cell sources to regenerate substitutes for natural extracellular matrix analogs. It is believed that regenerative dentistry involving scaffolds, stem cells, and growth factors will become common within the next twenty years. This chapter compiles a thorough review on the current developments and challenges in scaffolding techniques that are of particular significance for regenerative dentistry.

Total Pages: 129-154 (26)

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