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Outcomes Assessment in End - Stage Kidney Disease Measurements and Applications in Clinical Practice

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080573511130101


With an increase of the population of elderly people in modern society due to advances in medicine and healthcare facilities, there is also an increase in the incidence and duration of chronic illnesses. Similarly, advanced age is considered a significant determinant of depression and poor quality of life. Additionally, the provision of therapies relevant to chronic diseases addresses the issues beyond the concept of cure, bringing to the center the need for a dignified quality of life of patients. An increased interest in quality of life is observed in patients who suffer from chronic diseases, including those with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). End-stage kidney disease patients have a high burden of disease affecting their quality of life and dramatically shortening their life expectancy. Therefore, exploring quality of life issues among such patients becomes an essential task in the management of this population. This volume is written by researchers with a well-rounded understanding of the characteristics and impact of ESKD and provides a penetrating practical discussion to date of alternative approaches for comprehensively measuring the burden of end-stage kidney disease. Outcomes Assessment in End-Stage Kidney Disease focuses on the impact of this complex and exacting condition on patients and those that care for them. It also examines the economic impact of ESKD and the healthcare policy implications of this disease. It also brings comprehensive and thoughtful insights into the issues confronted by patients with ESKD to readers interested in nursing or medical caregiving, geriatrics and health psychology.

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Foreword by Stanton Newman

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Stanton Newman
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Foreword by Robert A. Cummins

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Robert A. Cummins
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Paraskevi Theofilou
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List of Contributors

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Paraskevi Theofilou
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Introduction to Outcomes Assessment in End - Stage Kidney Disease

- Pp. 3-11 (9)
Paraskevi Theofilou
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Definitions and Domains of Health - Related Quality of Life

- Pp. 12-24 (13)
Barbara Barcaccia
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Assessing Health - Related Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: The Use of General and Specific Instruments

- Pp. 25-46 (22)
Stefania S. Grigoriou, Christina Karatzaferi, Giorgos K. Sakkas
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Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes Among Patients on Maintenance Dialysis

- Pp. 47-79 (33)
Haikel A. Lim, Konstadina Griva
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Quality of Life Assessment in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 80-90 (11)
Pavlos Malindretos, Stamatina Zili, Pantelis Sarafidis
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Influence of Kidney Transplantation on Cognitive Function in End - Stage Kidney Disease Patients

- Pp. 91-111 (21)
Josipa Radic, Mislav Radic, Katarina Dodig Curkovic
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Treatment Adherence in Patients Undergoing Dialysis

- Pp. 112-137 (26)
Alden Y. Lai, Konstadina Griva
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A Systematic Review of Interventions to Increase Hemodialysis Adherence: 2007-2012

- Pp. 138-166 (29)
Michelle L. Matteson, Cynthia Russell
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Evaluating the Psychological Burden and Quality of Life in Caregivers of Patients Under Dialysis

- Pp. 167-187 (21)
Georgios K. Tzitzikos, Constantinos M. Togas
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Stress Management, Loss and Grief in Renal Nurses

- Pp. 188-197 (10)
Sofia Zyga, Maria Malliarou, Maria Athanasopoulou, Athena Kalokairinou
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Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease: A Comparative Cost Analysis of Bicarbonate Dialysis and Haemodiafiltration

- Pp. 198-207 (10)
Paraskevi Theofilou, Helen Panagiotaki
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The Economic Burden of Dialysis Patients in Belgium: a Comparison Between Haemo and Peritoneal Dialysis

- Pp. 208-222 (15)
Max Dratwa, Anne-Marie Bogaert, Koen Bouman, Xavier Warling, Remi Hombrouckx, Mario Schurgers, Pierre Dupont, Anne Vereerstraeten, Guy Van Roost, Karin Caekelbergh, Mark Lamotte, Suzanne Laplante
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Conclusion - Use of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures by the Pharmaceutical Industry

- Pp. 223-226 (4)
Paraskevi Theofilou
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- Pp. 227-237 (11)
Paraskevi Theofilou
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