Chapter 1

LIFEBIZ MANIFESTO: Cell, Brain, Mind; Anesthesia and Operation of the World

Branko Souček


The LIFEBIZ theory and practice follow the natural life processes of intelligence. LIFEBIZ is related to the Brain sciences. By adjusting the rate of triggering and the internal time constants, brain generates various brain event trains: Poisson; almost Poisson; uniform distribution; almost periodic. Many event trains are active simultaneously in the brain and mind tissue. The time intervals of trains cover a broad range from 0 to 1225 ms, with the peaks in 3,6; 25; 175 and 1225 ms. These event trains support the links between the brain agents. The links and the agents support the brain functions in the Self Organization SO of Understanding U, Consciousness C, Emotions E and Knowledge K. This is a nested, fractal, dynamic, fuzzy loop of the trains and signs. The brain signs are the pieces of mosaic used to build the mind. The same concept is used to build the LIFEBIZ. By treating biological, economic and technological systems alike, LIFEBIZ both advances and opens new job profiles and business. To be attractive for the market, consumer goods and industrial hardware of all kinds must be wrapped into LIFEBIZ package which includes: natural interface to the users based on non-restrictive dialogue, speech and image; features of adaptability, learning, sensing the environment; human like behavior offering the users a new sensation of mind and body, new experiences happenings and pleasures. These require qualities and status associations. The same equations and laws explain the Cell, Brain, Mind as well as the life. Road to the bright LIFEBIZ future is open.

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