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Advances in Protein and Peptide Sciences

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080548791130101


Advances in Protein and Peptide Sciences is a eBook series focused on leading-edge research on the structure, physical properties, and functions of proteins and peptides. The series presents highly cited contributions first published in the journal Current Protein and Peptide Science. Authors of these contributions have updated their work with new experimental data and references following their initial research. Each volume highlights a number of important topics in current research in the field of protein and peptide chemistry and molecular biology, including membrane proteins and their interactions with ligands, computational methods, and proteins in disease and biotechnology.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Vladimir Uversky
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- Pp. iii-v (3)
Ben M. Dunn
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List of Contributors

- Pp. vi-xii (7)
Ben M. Dunn
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Linking New Paradigms in Protein Chemistry to Reversible Membrane-Protein Interactions

- Pp. 3-57 (55)
Øyvind Halskau, Arturo Muga, Aurora Martínez
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β-Barrel Membrane Bacterial Proteins: Structure, Function, Assembly and Interaction with Lipids

- Pp. 58-127 (70)
Stefania Galdiero, Marco Cantisani, Annarita Falanga, Maria T. Vitiello, Massimiliano Galdiero
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NMR of Membrane Proteins

- Pp. 128-188 (61)
Guangshun Wang
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Activation, Exposure and Penetration of Virally Encoded, Membrane-Active Polypeptides During Non enveloped Virus Entry

- Pp. 189-221 (33)
Manidipa Banerjee, John E. Johnson
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The Role of Pest Degron for Targeting Caspases Substrates to the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System

- Pp. 222-255 (34)
José E. Belizario, Juliano Alves, Miguel Garay-Malpartida, João M. Occhiucci
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Cytokine-Regulated Protein Degradation by the Ubiquitination System

- Pp. 256-271 (16)
Kwang-Hyun Baek
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Natural Proteasome Inhibitors for Battling Cancer

- Pp. 272-308 (37)
Huanjie Yang, Kristin R. Landis-Piwowar, Di Chen, Vesna Milacic, Q. Ping Dou
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Proteins as Netwoks: Usefulness of Graph Theory in Protein Science

- Pp. 309-317 (9)
Alessandro Giuliani, Luisa Di Paola, Paola Paci, Micol De Ruvo, Caterina Arcangeli, Daniele Santoni, Massimo Celino
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Computer Simulations of Biomolecules in Non-Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous Solvent Conditions

- Pp. 318-381 (64)
Danilo Roccatano
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Methods for Calculating the Entropy and Free Energy of Biological Systems

- Pp. 382-440 (59)
Hagai Meirovitch
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Predicting Protein Disorder and Induced Folding: A Practical Approach

- Pp. 441-492 (52)
Philippe Lieutaud, François Ferron, Johnny Habchi, Bruno Canard, Sonia Longhi
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The Importance of Being Flexible: The Case of Basic Region Leucine Zipper Transcriptional Regulators

- Pp. 493-558 (66)
Maria Miller
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The Acute Phase Protein α1-Acid Glycoprotein: A Model for Altered Glycosylation During Diseases. Updates and New Perspectives

- Pp. 559-614 (56)
Fabrizio Ceciliani, Laura Restelli, Cristina Lecchi
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Immunology of MUC1 and Advancements in the Development of MUC1 Glycopeptide Tumor Vaccines: An Update

- Pp. 615-636 (22)
Franz-Georg Hanisch
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Rooteomics: The Challenge of Discovering Defense-Related Proteins in Plants-An Update

- Pp. 637-663 (27)
Angela Mehta, Beatriz S. Magalhães, Djair S.L. Souza, Erico A.R. Vasconcelos, Luciano P. Silva, Maria F. Grossi-de-Sa, Octávio L. Franco, Thales L. Rocha
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The Classic Basic Protein of Myelin–Conserved Structural Motifs and the Dynamic Molecular Barcode Involved in Membrane Adhesion, Protein-Protein Interactions, and Pathogenesis in Multiple Sclerosis

- Pp. 664-716 (53)
George Harauz, David S. Libich, Eugenia Polverini, Kenrick A. Vassall
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The Allosteric Properties of Hemoglobin: Insights from Natural and Site Directed Mutants

- Pp. 717-791 (75)
Andrea Bellelli, Maurizio Brunori, Adriana E. Miele, Gianna Panetta, Beatrice Vallone
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Extra-Cellular Proteins are Key Elements of a Global Molecular Network Enmeshing the Whole Central Nervous System: Physiological and Pathological Implications

- Pp. 792-832 (41)
Guidolin Diego, Guescini Michele, Stocchi Vilberto, Genedani Susanna, Fuxe Kjell, Agnati L. Francesco
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Glycoprotein Targeting and Other Applications of Lectins in Biotechnology

- Pp. 833-876 (44)
Aabgeena Naeem, M. Saleemuddin, Rizwan H. Khan
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- Pp. 868-891 (24)
Ben M. Dunn
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