Chapter 13

Lung Cancer Surgery Part C: Segmentectomy and Wedge Resection in the Surgical Treatment of NSCLC

Ahmet Demirkaya and Kamil Kaynak


The standard treatment for stage I NSCLC is lobectomy with mediastinal lymph node sampling or dissection. The role of limited resection for stage IA lesions, especially those ≤ 2 cm in diameter is controversial despite many proponents. Patients with physiologic limitation prohibiting lobectomy should be evaluated for sublobar resection, as it seems to offer increasingly similar overall and cancer-free survival rates. Limited resection should be done with systematic or complete lymph node sampling. </p><p> As limited resection leads to better postoperative lung function of pulmonary function and decreased morbidity, it may become the preferred strategy for these patients in the future. Non-randomized series comparing patients undergoing sublobar resection because of compromised lung function and those undergoing formal lobectomy show similar long-term survival and cancer-free survival especially for stage IA tumours less than 2 cm.

Total Pages: 259-267 (9)

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