Editors: Aakash Goyal, Priti Maheshwari

Frontiers on Recent Developments in Plant Science

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080540391120101


Volume 1 - Frontiers on Recent Developments on Plant Science is an edited, peer-reviewed volume comprised of a collection of individual chapters from leading research groups across different continents. Due to its multidisciplinary nature, the combined experiences and expertise in plant science has an increasing importance both in agriculture and industry. This evidenced by inclusion of plant biotechnology in academic curricula from high school to undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels, and even in Ph.D. courses. Plant Biotechnology encompasses a wide range of narrow research areas such as agricultural biotechnology, industrial and environmental biotechnology, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and drug development from plant sources, plant-microbe host interactions studies, biochemical and molecular studies on gene expression using various plant models, gene targeting, homologous and non-homologous recombination studies on plant models, RNAi technology in plants, cereal biotechnology, biotechnology of endangered plant species, forestry, phytoremediation technologies, genetic engineering, gene delivery approaches, plant tissue culture and biological and biochemical techniques and methods/protocols involved in different focal area of plant science.

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- Pp. i
Hisashi Tsujimoto
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- Pp. ii
Aakash Goyal, Priti Maheshwari
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Aakash Goyal, Priti Maheshwari
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Plant Secondary Metabolites: From Diseases to Health

- Pp. 3-23 (21)
Rakesh Yadav, Pooja Arora, Ashok Chaudhury
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RNAi: New Era of Functional Genomics for Crop Improvement

- Pp. 24-38 (15)
Pradeep Kumar, Madhu Kamle, Ashutosh Pandey
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Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Host-Rhizobium Interaction

- Pp. 39-59 (21)
Pooja Arora, Rakesh Yadav, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Ashok Chaudhury
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Recent Advances in Sago Palm (Metroxylon Sagu Rottboell) Micropropagation

- Pp. 60-66 (7)
Annabelle U. Novero
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Tools for Generating Male Sterile Plants

- Pp. 67-85 (19)
Sudhir P. Singh, Joy K. Roy, Dinesh Kumar, Samir V. Sawant
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Anti-Bacterial and Crystallographic Studies of Jatrophone, the Macrocyclic Diterpenoid from the Roots of Jatropha Gossypifolia l.

- Pp. 86-98 (13)
R. S. Satyan, Ajay Parida, Babu Varghese
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Biological Control of Plant Diseases by Serratia Species: A Review or a Case Study

- Pp. 99-115 (17)
Dipanwita Saha, Gargi Dhar Purkayastha, Aniruddha Saha
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Molecular Approaches for Detection of Plant Pathogens

- Pp. 116-136 (21)
Dipali Majumder, Thangaswamy Rajesh, Thalhun Lhingkhanthem Kipgen
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Role of NACs in Regulation of Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants

- Pp. 137-148 (12)
S. Puranik, M. Prasad
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Phytoremediation: A New Hope for the Environment

- Pp. 149-171 (23)
Sarvjeet Kukreja, Umesh Goutam
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- Pp. 172-176 (5)
Aakash Goyal, Priti Maheshwari
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