Editors: Margareta Kristenson, Peter Garvin, Ulf Lundberg

The Role of Saliva Cortisol Measurement in Health and Disease

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-071-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080534211120101


This e-book is based on a critical evaluation of existing literature on salivary cortisol, aiming to evaluate the utility of salivary cortisol as a biomarker in various settings. It focuses on how different ways of evaluating levels of salivary cortisol may have an impact on the interpretation of cortisol measurements in various contexts.

This e-book focuses on salivary cortisol in relation to the following topics: psychosocial work environment (effort reward imbalance and job demand vs control model), psychosocial resources (mastery, perceived control, sense of coherence), psychosocial risk factors (perceived stress, depression, vital exhaustion, burn-out), sleep quality, biological markers (bodily factors, cardiovascular risk factors, inflammation and metabolism) and somatic outcome.

This ebook should serve as a reference for studies planned to adopt cortisol as an assessment tool.


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Gary W. Evans
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Margareta Kristenson
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Margareta Kristenson, Peter Garvin, Ulf Lundberg
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The Role of Saliva Cortisol Measurement in Health and Disease. Introduction - Why This Book?

- Pp. 3-16 (14)
Margareta Kristenson, Peter Garvin, Ulf Lundberg
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Socioeconomic Status, Demographic Variables and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 17-42 (26)
Peter Garvin, Nanna Hurwitz Eller, Anette Harris
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Psychosocial Work Stressors and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 43-66 (24)
Bjorn Karlson, Lindfors Lindfors, Roberto Riva, Christin Mellner, Tores Theorell, Ulf Lundberg
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Perceived Stress, Psychological Resources and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 67-86 (20)
Christina Halford, Ingibjörg H. Jonsdottir, Frida Eek
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Biological Markers and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 87-115 (29)
Ase Marie Hansen, Lars-Gunnar Gunnarsson, Anette Harris, Nanna Hurwitz Eller, Peter Garvin, Anne Helene Garde
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Sleep and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 116-128 (13)
Anne Helene Garde, Berndt Karlson, Ase Marie Hansen,, Roger Persson, Torbjorn Akerstedt
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Mental Health and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 129-166 (38)
Ingibjörg H. Jonsdottir, Christina Halford, Frida Eek
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Somatic Disease and Salivary Cortisol

- Pp. 167-185 (19)
Margareta Kristenson Kristenson, Oskar Lundgren
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Discussion and Concluding Remarks Based on the Scancort Group Review

- Pp. 186-204 (19)
Ulf Lundberg, Peter Garvin, Margareta Kristenson
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- Pp. 205-207 (3)
Ulf Lundberg, Peter Garvin, Margareta Kristenson
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