Editors: Olivier Renaudet, Nicolas Spinelli

Synthesis and Biological Applications of Glycoconjugates

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-537-1 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080527761110101


The interactions between carbohydrates and proteins have been extensively explored in a wide range of physiological and pathological processes over several decades. The recent emergence of glycomics has strengthened this interest and notably contributed to spectacular progress in understanding how carbohydrates mediate and regulate complex biological events. Synthesis and Biological Applications of Glycoconjugates gives a summary of contemporary findings in glycoconjugate research. Readers will be updated on major achievements in chemical methods and biological applications employed in modern glycomics. The Ebook should be of interest to a broad community of students and professional researchers in both academia and industry.


- Pp. i
Ben Davis
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- Pp. ii
Olivier Renaudet, Nicolas Spinelli
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Olivier Renaudet, Nicolas Spinelli
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Bacterial Lectins and Adhesins: Structures, Ligands and Functions

- Pp. 3-11 (9)
Anne Imberty
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Ligands for FimH

- Pp. 12-35 (24)
Thisbe K. Lindhorst
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Multivalent Glycocalixarenes

- Pp. 36-63 (28)
Francesco Sansone, Gabriele Rispoli, Alessandro Casnati, Rocco Ungaro
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Solving Promiscuous Protein Carbohydrate Recognition Domains with Multivalent Glycofullerenes

- Pp. 64-77 (14)
Yoann M. Chabre, Rene Roy
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Monovalent and Multivalent Inhibitors of Bacterial Toxins

- Pp. 78-91 (14)
Edward D. Hayes, W. Bruce Turnbull
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Monovalent and Multivalent Glycoconjugates as High Affinity Ligands for Galectins

- Pp. 92-115 (24)
Sebastien Vidal
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Combinatorial Libraries of Dendritic Glycoclusters

- Pp. 116-128 (13)
Jean-Louis Reymond, Tamis Darbre
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Cyclopeptide-Based Glycoclusters

- Pp. 129-144 (16)
Olivier Renaudet, Didier Boturyn, Pascal Dumy
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Oligonucleotide-Carbohydrate Conjugates

- Pp. 145-163 (19)
Nicolas Spinelli, Eric Defrancq
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Glycoliposomes and Metallic Glyconanoparticles in Glycoscience

- Pp. 164-202 (39)
Marco Marradi, Fabrizio Chiodo, Isabel Garcia, Soledad Penades
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Chemoselective Glycosylation Techniques for the Synthesis of Bioactive Neoglycoconjugates, Glyconanoparticles and Glycoarrays

- Pp. 203-225 (23)
Francesco Peri
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Glycosidases in Synthesis of Glycomimetics and Unnatural Carbohydrates

- Pp. 226-239 (14)
Vladimir Kren
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Diels-Alder Based Synthesis of Glycomimetics

- Pp. 240-254 (15)
Cristina Nativi, Elisa Dragoni, Barbara Richichi, Stefano Roelens
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Analytical Tools for Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction Studies

- Pp. 255-266 (12)
Cedric Goyer, Pierre Labbe
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- Pp. 267-276 (10)
Olivier Renaudet, Nicolas Spinelli
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