Chapter 2

Natural Zeolite Markets and Strategic Considerations

Fernando Borsatto and Vassilis J. Inglezakis


In the 20th century, in particular from 1930 to 1970, synthetic zeolites were used in most commercial applications. Gradually, due to large deposits being discovered all over the world, low price and good performance in several applications, natural zeolites found their way into the market. The applications of natural zeolites are numerous and enterpreneurs around the globe pay more and more attention to products and technologies based on these extraordinary materials. As a result, there is a worldwide trend to increase production and consumption of natural zeolites and to perform technical studies focused on the development of new products of high added value. This Chapter does not aim to establish rules or to provide robust directions for decisions and actions of entrepreneurs and scientists involved in commercialization projects employing natural zeolites but to raise some issues for brainstorming and to provide some insight in the fascinating world of zeolites business.

Total Pages: 11-27 (17)

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