Editor: Anthony N. Rezitis

Research Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics

Volume 2

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080524311110101


The aim of the Ebook series of Research Topics in Agricultural & Applied Economics (RTAAE) is to publish high quality economic researches applied to both the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors of the economy. The subject areas of this Ebook series include, among others, supply and demand analysis, technical change and productivity, industrial organization, labor economics, growth and development, environmental economics, marketing, business economics and finance. By covering a broad variety of economic research topics, this Ebook series should prove to be of considerable interest to a wide spectrum of academic, agricultural and applied economic researchers and scientists, as well as to industry specialists and government policy makers.

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- Pp. i
Blake Brown
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- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Anthony N. Rezitis
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- Pp. iv-v (2)
Anthony N. Rezitis
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The Italian Demand for Imported Virgin Olive Oil: A Threshold Almost Ideal Demand System Approach

- Pp. 3-18 (16)
Monia Ben Kaabia, Jose M.Gil
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Food Crisis: Did Agricultural Prices Rise Faster than they Fell?

- Pp. 19-30 (12)
Matthieu Stigler, Piera Tortora
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New Trends in Consumer Needs: Functional Foods in the European Market

- Pp. 31-45 (15)
Azzurra Annunziata, Riccardo Vecchio
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Consumer Knowledge of Animal Welfare Standards

- Pp. 46-57 (12)
Riccardo Vecchio, Azzurra Annunziata
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Consumer Geographic Segmentation and Valuing Attributes of Wine in Supermarket: An Hedonic Approach

- Pp. 58-72 (15)
Juan Carlos Ortuzar, Oscar Alfranca
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Territory Image and Notoriety as Sources of Equity in the Wine Market

- Pp. 73-84 (12)
Domingo Calvo Dopico
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Means-end Chain Analysis of Food Products with Origin Quality Labels: An Application to Wine with Designation of Origin

- Pp. 85-106 (22)
Ramo Barrena, Mercedes Sanchez
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Is There a Future Market for Genetically Modified Food? An Analysis from Southern Spain Consumer Preferences

- Pp. 107-120 (14)
Macario Rodriguez-Entrena, Samir Sayadi
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Global Crisis and Agricultural Public Spending in Kenya: A SAM Multiplier Approach

- Pp. 121-142 (22)
Maria Sassi
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Measuring the Relative Efficiency of Bank Branches: The Case of the Agricultural Bank of Greece

- Pp. 143-154 (12)
Anthony N. Rezitis, Alexande Pailas, Maria A. Kalantzi
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Measuring Labor Productivity and Market Viability of Rural Tourism Activities in Japan

- Pp. 155-167 (13)
Yasuo Ohe
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- Pp. 168-169 (2)
Anthony N. Rezitis
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