Editors: Lixin Cheng, Dieter Mewes

Advances in Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

Volume 4

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080522951120101


Multiphase flow and heat transfer have found a wide range of applications in several engineering and science fields such as mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical engineering, nuclear engineering, energy engineering, material engineering, ocean engineering, mineral engineering, electronics and micro-electronics engineering, information technology, space technology, micro- and nano-technologies, biomedical and life sciences. This E-book series presents state-of-the-art review and research topics in all aspects of multiphase flow and heat transfer, which are contributed by renowned scientists and researchers. The topics include multiphase transport phenomena including gas-liquid, liquid-solid, gas-solid and gas-liquid-solid flows, phase change processes, nuclear thermal hydraulics, fluidization, mass transfer, bubble and drop dynamics, particle flow interactions, cavitation phenomena, numerical methods, experimental techniques, multiphase flow equipment, combustion processes, environmental protection and pollution control, phase change materials and their applications, macro-scale and micro-scale transport phenomena, nano-fluidics, micro-gravity multiphase flow and heat transfer, energy engineering, renewable energy, electronic chips cooling, data center cooling, fuel cells, multiphase flow and heat transfer in biomedical engineering and science. The E-book series presents recent advances in both conventional research and interdisciplinary research. This E-book series should prove to be invaluable for scientists and researchers interested in multiphase flows.

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- Pp. i-iii (3)
Lixin Cheng, Dieter Mewes
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-v (2)
Lixin Cheng, Dieter Mewes
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Modeling of Interfacial Area Transport in Two-Phase Flows

- Pp. 3-27 (25)
Yang Liu, Takashi Hibiki, Mamoru Ishii
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Dynamic Behavior of Liquid Droplet Impacting on Heated Surfaces

- Pp. 28-39 (12)
Liwen Jin, Chun Yang, Kai Choong Leong
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Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Interface Mass Transfer on Particle Scale

- Pp. 40-110 (71)
Chao Yang, Zai-Sha Mao, Jie Chen
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The Use of the Ultrasonic Technique for the Study and Online Monitoring of Multiphase Flows

- Pp. 111-134 (24)
Ricardo D. M. Carvalho, Antonio C. Bannwart
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Direct Contact Condensation of Steam Injected into Water - New Developments in Condensation Regime and Steam Plume Length Prediction

- Pp. 135-148 (14)
Anka de With
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Drag Reduction with Surfactants and Polymeric Additives in Multiphase Flow

- Pp. 149-174 (26)
Lixin Cheng, Lei Liu, Dieter Mewes
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Void Fraction and Flow Patterns of Two-Phase Flow in Upward and Downward Vertical and Horizontal Pipes

- Pp. 175-201 (27)
Afshin J. Ghajar, Clement C. Tang
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- Pp. 202-208 (7)
Lixin Cheng, Dieter Mewes
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