Editors: José T. Freire , Ana Maria da Silveira , Maria do Carmo Ferreira

Transport Phenomena In Particulate Systems

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-104-5 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080522711120101


This e-book presents recent advances in research in the field of particulate systems. A comprehensive background on operations involving particulate materials with a didactic approach is illustrated. Fundamentals and applications in a variety of multi-phase flow reactors are explained with a clear focus on the analysis of transport phenomena, experimental techniques and modeling. The volume spans 10 chapters covering different aspects of transport phenomena including fixed and fluidized systems, spouted beds, electrochemical and wastewater treatment reactors. This e-book will be valuable for students, engineers and researchers aiming to keep updated on the latest developments on particulate systems.


With the rapid growth of both technical and scientific literature related to transport phenomena in particulatesystems, it is difficult for an individual researcher in this field to keep abreast of the developments. This eBook intends to present the state of the art and some case studies involving the multiple facets of systems consisting of the interaction between a fluid and particles in separation processes.

The text is divided into four principal sections. The first section provides an overview of the fundamentals going from the drying of a single particle and the aspects related to deformation and details on internal stresses, to the analysis of heat transfer in a fixed bed percolated by a specific fluid and the fluidization of particles with low sphericity, a subject that is still little investigated.

The second part consists of computational fluid dynamic simulations of two spouted bed configurations. A number of works on this field have recently appeared in the literature, but the main purpose of section two is to present the subject in a more didactic way.

Section three of this eBook focus on especial drying by means of case studies of drying granular matter in spouted bed, process control of paste drying in spouted bed and a review of drying of pharmaceutical products.

Section four, the last part of the eBook, presents two studies on effluent treatment in particulate systems. One is directed to analyzing the use of a biological fluidized bed reactor in the treatment of liquid effluent and the other is focused on the use of porous electrodes for the same purpose.

We expect that this eBook will be used by undergraduate and graduate students as well as by professionals who are interested in particulate systems.

José Teixeira Freire
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Ana Maria da Silveira
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Maria do Carmo Ferreira
Federal University of São Carlos
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