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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080522331110101


Fungi are extremely versatile microorganisms as a biotechnology tool having the advantage of being relatively easy to grow, thus making them suitable for large scale production. Fungi have been successfully employed for biotransformations ranging from food manufacturing to drug design. Mycofactories comprise a substantial share of significant current research in the area of fungal biotechnology, and constitutes an effort to compile high level research in this domain. Topics include applications of fungi as a main source for the production of enzymes, manufacture of food derivatives, pigments and additives, and applications in bioremediation.


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T. Satyanarayana
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Ana Lúcia Leitão
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List of Contributors

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Ana Lúcia Leitão
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Fungal Enzymes: Present Scenario and Future Perspectives

- Pp. 3-27 (25)
J.L. Uma Maheswar Rao, G.D.Y. Boorgula, Ana Lúcia Leitão
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Fungal Lignocellulolytic Enzymes: Applications in Biodegradation and Bioconversion

- Pp. 28-44 (17)
Juana Pérez, Aurelio Moraleda-Muñoz
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Genomic and Proteomic Analyses Provide Insights into the Potential of Filamentous Fungi for Biomass Degradation

- Pp. 45-56 (12)
Jean Marie Francois, Olivier Guais
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Structural Biology of Fungal Multicopper Oxidases

- Pp. 57-72 (16)
Francisco J. Enguita
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Mold-Fermented Foods: Penicillium spp. as Ripening Agents in the Elaboration of Cheese and Meat Products

- Pp. 73-98 (26)
Renato Chávez, Francisco Fierro, Ramón O. García-Rico, Federico Laich
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Biological Activity and Production of Monascus Metabolites

- Pp. 99-108 (10)
Yii-Lih Lin, Teng-Hsu Wang, Min-Hsiung Lee, Nan-Wei Su
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Fungal Biofiltration for the Elimination of Gaseous Pollutants from Air

- Pp. 109-120 (12)
Sergio Revah, Alberto Vergara-Fernández, Sergi Hernández
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- Pp. 121-147 (27)
Ana Lúcia Leitão
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