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What's Doing? A Tribute to Professor Murray Goodman

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Year of Publication: 2005
DOI: 10.2174/97816080521341050101


What's Doing? A Tribute to Professor Murray Goodman gives homage to the life and work of Professor Murray Goodman, a leading chemist, educator and humanitarian. This book contains personal and professional remembrances from Dr. Goodman's family, colleagues, and former students as well as the first paper ever published by Dr. Goodman followed by 10 of his most cited works. What's Doing? A Tribute to Professor Murray Goodman was published to coincide with the Murray Goodman Memorial Symposium at the 230th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington D.C., August 31, 2005.


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Todd T. Romoff
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- Pp. vi
Todd T. Romoff
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Personal Biography

- Pp. 3-6 (4)
Zelda Goodman
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Professional Biography

- Pp. 7-13 (7)
Fred Naider
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First Journal Publication

- Pp. 15-21 (7)
Murray Goodman
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Professional Tributes (By John Jones)

- Pp. 23-25 (3)
John Jones
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Professional Tributes (By Joseph Taulane)

- Pp. 27-29 (3)
Joseph P. Taulane
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Professional Tributes (By Ed Dennis)

- Pp. 31-32 (2)
Edward Dennis
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Professional Tributes (By Victor Hruby)

- Pp. 33-35 (3)
Victor J. Hruby
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Professional Tributes (By K.C. Nicolaou)

- Pp. 37
K. C. Nicolaou
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Personal Remembrances (Opening Page)

- Pp. 39
Bentham Science Publishers
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Personal Remembrances (The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Years)

- Pp. 41-57 (17)
Ettore Benedetti
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Personal Remembrances (Early Days in San Diego)

- Pp. 59-89 (31)
Mitchell Avery
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Personal Remembrances (The Next Generation)

- Pp. 91-116 (26)
Silke Braeuer, nee Schabbert
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Personal Remembrances (Closing Page)

- Pp. 117
Bentham Science Publishers
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Dr. Murray Goodman's Top 10

- Pp. 119
Bentham Science Publishers
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Diprotected Triflylguanidines: A New Class of Guanidinylation Reagents

- Pp. 12-122 (111)
Konrad Feichtinger, Christoph Zapf, Heather L. Sings, Murray Goodman
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Optically Active Polyisocyanates

- Pp. 123-127 (5)
Murray Goodman, Shih-Chung Chen
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Partially Modified Retro-Inverso-Enkephalinamides: Topochemical Long- Acting Analogs in vitro and in vivo

- Pp. 129-131 (3)
Michael Chorev, Rick Shavitz, Murray Goodman, Scott Minick, Roger Guillemin
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Sensitive Criteria for the Critical Size for Helix Formation in Oligopeptides

- Pp. 133-139 (7)
Murray Goodman, Antonio S. Verdini, Claudio Toniolo, William D. Phillips, Frank A. Bovey
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Peptide Derivatives Containing Hydroxyamino Acids

- Pp. 141-143 (3)
John C. Sheehan, Murray Goodman, George P. Hess
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Peptide Syntheses Via Amino Acid Active Esters

- Pp. 145-148 (4)
Murray Goodman, Kenneth C. Steuben
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Kenneth C. Steuben

- Pp. 149-160 (12)
Murray Goodman, Fred Naider, Claudio Toniolo
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A Procedure for the Facile Synthesis of Amino Acid N-Carboxyanhydrides

- Pp. 161-163 (3)
William D. Fuller, Michael S. Verlander, Murray Goodman
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A Dozen Years of Retro-Inverso Peptidomimetics

- Pp. 165-172 (8)
Michael Chorev, Murray Goodman
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On the Concept of Linear Modified Retro-Peptide Structures

- Pp. 173-179 (7)
Murray Goodman, Michael Chorev
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In Fond Memory

- Pp. 181-182 (2)
Charles Deber
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