Chapter 22

Search for Biologically Active Compounds from Sri Lankan Plants

U.L.B. Jayasinghe and Y. Fujimoto


<p>In a continuation of our studies towards the discovery of biologically active compounds from Sri Lankan plants, recently we have chemically investigated the various parts of Diploclisia glaucescens (Menispermaceae), Filicium decipiens, Pometia eximia (Sapindaceae), Artocarpus nobilis (Moraceae) and Bridelia retusa (Euphorbiaceae). These work led to the isolation of a number of ecdysones, triterpenes, saponins, chalcones, stilbenes, flavonoids including over twenty-five new natural products. Some of these compounds showed high molluscicidal, insecticidal, antifungal activities and radical scavenging properties towards DPPH.</p>

Total Pages: 193-200 (8)

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