Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery

Volume 4

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Year of Publication: 2009
DOI: 10.2174/97816080520281090401


Frontiers in Drug Design and Discovery is a book series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in drug design and discovery. Eminent scientists write contributions on all areas of rational drug design and drug discovery including medicinal chemistry, in-silico drug design, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, drug targets, and structure-activity relationships. The book series should prove to be of interest to all the pharmaceutical scientists involved in research in drug design and discovery. Each volume is devoted to the major advances in drug design and discovery.

The book series is essential reading to all scientists involved in drug design and discovery who wish to keep abreast of rapid and important developments in the field.

The book series is available in print, online and CD editions.

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Editorial: Biopharmaceutical & Pharmacokinetic Considerations in Drug Design & Discovery

- Pp. i-iii (3)
Atta-ur-Rahman, Gary W. Caldwell, M. Iqbal Choudhary, Zhengyin Yan
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Present and Future Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches for Exploratory Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic Studies

- Pp. 1-22 (22)
Yunsheng Hsieh
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Glutathione Transferases in Drug Discovery and Development: Towards Safer and Efficacious Drugs

- Pp. 23-42 (20)
Katholiki Skopelitou, Dimitris Platis, Irene Axarli, Nikolaos E. Labrou
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New Sampling Techniques for Pharmacokinetic- Pharmacodynamic Modeling

- Pp. 43-80 (38)
Christian Höcht, Marcos Mayer, Javier A.W. Opezzo, Guillermo F. Bramuglia, Carlos A. Taira
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Role of Inflammatory Biomarkers in Establishing PK/PD Relationships and Target Organ Toxicity

- Pp. 81-96 (16)
Sivaram Pillarisetti, Ish Khanna
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Important Drug Interactions for Clinical Oncologists

- Pp. 97-121 (25)
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Ikuko Yano, Masakazu Toi
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Pharmacogenomic Considerations in Breast Cancer Management

- Pp. 122-134 (13)
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Ikuko Yano, Masakazu Toi
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More Than Skin Deep: The Human Skin Tissue Equivalent as an Advanced Drug Discovery Tool

- Pp. 135-161 (27)
Alexandra S. Bause, Sarah D. Lamore, Georg T. Wondrak
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Across Skin Barrier: Known Methods, New Performances

- Pp. 162-188 (27)
Krzysztof Cal
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The Tape Stripping Method as a Valuable Tool for Evaluating Topical Applied Compounds

- Pp. 189-227 (39)
J.J. Escobar-Chávez, L.M. Melgoza-Contreras, M. López-Cervantes, D. Quintanar-Guerrero, A. Ganem-Quintanar
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Methylphenidate Extended-Release Capsules: A New Formulation for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

- Pp. 228-246 (19)
Pilar García-García, Francisco López-Muñoz, Juan D. Molina, Roland Fischer, Cecilio Alamo
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Osmotic-Controlled Release Oral Delivery System (OROS® Technology) in Chronic Pain Management

- Pp. 247-272 (26)
Flaminia Coluzzi, Consalvo Mattia
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Drug Delivery Systems Prepared by Membrane Emulsification

- Pp. 273-290 (18)
C. Charcosset, H. Fessi
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In Silico ADME Approaches

- Pp. 291-332 (42)
Nuria E. Campillo, Juan A. Páez
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Advances in ADMET Predictions and Modeling: Rapid Drug Discovery Efforts in 21st Centuries

- Pp. 333-350 (18)
Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan
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Computational Intelligence Methods for ADMET Prediction

- Pp. 351-377 (27)
David Hecht, Gary B. Fogel
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Data Modeling and Chemical Interpretation of ADME Properties Using Regression and Rule Mining Techniques

- Pp. 378-428 (51)
Kiyoshi Hasegawa, Kimito Funatsu
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A Review on Virtual Reality and Haptics Approaches in Drug Design and Discovery

- Pp. 429-453 (25)
Susana K. Lai-Yuen
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- Pp. 454-457 (4)
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