Editor: José J. Escobar-Chávez

Current Technologies to Increase the Transdermal Delivery of Drugs

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2010
DOI: 10.2174/97816080519151100101


This e-book provides an overview of current technologies used to increase the topical/transdermal delivery of drugs, its protocols, advantages and limitations. It includes exclusive chapters on chemical enhancers, Iontophoresis, Sonophoresis, Electroporation, Microneedles and the more recent use of micro/nanoparticles to deliver drugs throughout the skin.

The e-book's generalized approach on the topic is aimed to be helpful in drug discovery, drug delivery and toxicological research and to provide a broader perspective on the topic to readers with respect to current literature available on the subject.

The book is an interesting source of information for pharmacy students, and pharmaceutical research and development units of universities and commercial industries.

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- Pp. i
Matilde Merino Sanjuan
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- Pp. ii
José Juan Escobar-Chávez
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- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Jose Juan Escobar-Chavez, Virginia Merino
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The Skin: A Valuable Route for Administration of Drugs

- Pp. 1-22 (22)
Clara Luisa Dominguez-Delgado, Isabel Marlen Rodriguez-Cruz, Miriam Lopez- Cervantes
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Chemical Enhancers

- Pp. 23-40 (18)
Alicia Lopez-Castellano, Virginia Merino
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Transdermal Iontophoresis

- Pp. 41-52 (12)
Virginia Merino, Alicia Lopez
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Sonophoresis: A Valuable Physical Enhancer to Increase Transdermal Drug Delivery

- Pp. 53-77 (25)
Jose Juan Escobar-Chavez, Dalia Bonilla-Martinez, Martha Angelica Villegas- Gonzalez
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Electroporation of the Skin

- Pp. 78-95 (18)
Cesar A. Gonzalez, Boris Rubinsky
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Transdermal Drug Delivery Using Microneedles

- Pp. 96-119 (24)
Ololade Olatunji, Barrrak Al-Qallaf, Diganta Bhusan Das
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Transdermal Nanocarriers

- Pp. 120-141 (22)
Roberto Diaz-Torres
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- Pp. 142-144 (3)
Jose Juan Escobar-Chavez
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- Pp. 145-146 (2)
Jose Juan Escobar-Chavez
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