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Current Advances in the Medical Application of Nanotechnology

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080513111120101


Nanotechnology promises new medical therapies, more rapid and sensitive diagnostic and investigative tools for normal and diseased tissues, and new materials for tissue engineering. This e-book highlights the major current uses, new technologies and future perspectives of nanotechnology in relation to medical applications. Sections in this e-book include nanobiological approaches to imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease using targeted monoclonal antibodies and siRNA, the medical use of nanomaterials, to nanoelectronic biosensors, and possible future applications of molecular nanotechnology for cell repair. The book also covers current problems associated with nanotechnology, including an understanding of issues related to toxicity and the environmental impact of nanoscale materials. The book should be of interest to biomedical technologists, medical doctors and students of taught courses in nanotechnology at both undergraduate and post-graduate (MSc) levels.

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Mark Slevin
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Jian-Xing Ma
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List of Contributors

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Mark Slevin
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Potential of Nanotechnology in Vascular Imaging and Treatment of Atherosclerosis

- Pp. 3-9 (7)
Mark Slevin
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Effective Transvascular Delivery of Chemotherapy into Cancer Cells with Imageable Nanoparticles in the 7 to 10 Nanometer Size Range

- Pp. 10-24 (15)
Hemant Sarin
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Nanocrystalline Silver: Use in Wound Care

- Pp. 25-31 (7)
Valerie Edwards-Jones
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Nanomedicine and the Treatment of Coronary In-Stent Restenosis - A Clinical Review

- Pp. 32-42 (11)
Garry McDowell
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Applications of Nanotechnology in Imaging and Therapy of Cancer

- Pp. 43-72 (30)
Xiang-Hong Peng, Debatosh Majumdar, Dong M. Shin
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The Nanotoxicological Influence of Nanoparticles, with Special Reference to the Vasculature

- Pp. 73-84 (12)
May Azzawi
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Nanorobots for Endovascular Target Interventions in Future Medical Practice

- Pp. 85-106 (22)
Sylvain Martel
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Role of Nanotechnology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

- Pp. 107-124 (18)
Kristen M. Jaruszewski, Rajesh S. Omtri, Karunya K. Kandimalla
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- Pp. 125-127 (3)
Mark Slevin
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.Role of Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapy.
.Nanomaterials for Environmental Applications and their Fascinating Attributes.
.Introduction to Carbon Nanomaterials.
.Frontiers in Nanomedicine.