Editor: Christian Neri

Series Title: Advances in Genome Science

Changing Views on Living Organisms

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080512981130101


Genome science or genomics is essential to advancing knowledge in the fields of biology and medicine. Specifically, researchers learn about the molecular biology behind genetic expression in living organisms and related methods of treating human genetic diseases (including gene therapy). Advances in Genome Science is an e-book series which provides a multi-disciplinary view of some of the latest developments in genome research, allowing readers to capture the essentiality and diversity of genomics in contemporary science.


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Erich Wanker
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Christian Neri
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-ix (7)
Christian Neri
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Endometrial Cancer as a Familial Tumor: Pathology and Molecular Carcinogenesis

- Pp. 3-14 (12)
Kouji Banno, Megumi Yanokura, Kennta Masuda, Arisa Ueki, Iori Kisu, Yusuke Kobayashi, Wataru Yamagami, Nobuyuki Susumu, Daisuke Aoki
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Replication Origins and Timing of Temporal Replication in Budding Yeast: How to Solve the Conundrum?

- Pp. 15-44 (30)
Matteo Barberis, Thomas W. Spiesser, Edda Klipp
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The Role of Androgen Receptor Mutations in Progression of Prostate Cancer

- Pp. 45-65 (21)
G.N. Brooke, J. Waxman, C. L. Bevan
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MUTYH Associated Polyposis (MAP)

- Pp. 66-100 (35)
M.L.M. Binderup, M.L. Bisgaard
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Gene Clusters, Molecular Evolution and Disease: A Speculation

- Pp. 101-145 (45)
Alireza Baradaran-Heravi, Leah I. Elizondo, Cornelius F. Boerkoel
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Expression and Function of Kruppel Like-Factors (KLF) in Carcinogenesis

- Pp. 146-168 (23)
Diab Thoria, Bureau Christophe, Hanoun Naima, Torrisani Jérôme, Vinel Jean-Pierre, Buscail Louis, Cordelier Pierre
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Episcopic 3D Imaging Methods: Tools for Researching Gene Function

- Pp. 169-188 (20)
Wolfgang J. Weninger, Stefan H. Geyer
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Drosophila Lethal Giant Larvae Neoplastic Mutant as a Genetic Tool for Cancer Modelling

- Pp. 189-209 (21)
Francesca Froldi, Marcello Ziosi, Annalisa Pession, Daniela Grifoni
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Genetic Insights Through Genome Wide Association Studies in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus will Lead to New Therapeutics

- Pp. 210-240 (31)
Marcel G. M. Wolfs, Naishi Li, Jingyuan Fu, Cisca Wijmenga, Timon W. van Haeften, Marten H. Hofker
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Indispensable Roles of Plastids in Arabidopsis thaliana Embryogenesis – Update

- Pp. 241-260 (20)
Mehdi Nafati, Kentaro Inoue
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Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches Toward Absolute Quantitative Proteomics

- Pp. 261-292 (32)
Keiji Kito, Takashi Ito
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Regulation of Interactions with Sliding Clamps During DNA Replication and Repair

- Pp. 293-315 (23)
Francisco J. López de Saro
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Revealing Gene Function and Genetic Diversity in Plants and Animals via TILLING and EcoTILLING

- Pp. 316-351 (36)
N.A. Barkley, M.L. Wang
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Variations Around the Arrestin Fold

- Pp. 352-376 (25)
Laurence Aubry, Dorian Guetta, Gérard Klein
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Role of Calcium Regulated Kinases: Expressional and Functional Analysis in Abiotic Stress Signaling

- Pp. 377-425 (49)
Ritika Das, Amita Pandey, Girdhar K. Pandey
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Multiple Hsp70 Isoforms in the Eukaryotic Cytosol: Evidence for Both Redundant and Specialized Functions

- Pp. 426-451 (26)
Mehdi Kabani, Céline N. Martineau
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Mitochondrial and Nuclear Genes of Mitochondrial Components in Cancer

- Pp. 452-490 (39)
E. Kirches
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- Pp. 491-528 (38)
Christian Neri
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.Genome Editing in Bacteria (Part 2).
.Genome Editing in Bacteria (Part 1).
.Genome Size and Genetic Homogeneity of Regenerated Plants: Methods and Applications.
.Omics Technologies for Clinical Diagnosis and Gene Therapy: Medical Applications in Human Genetics.