Editor: Michael U. Adikwu

Biopolymers in Drug Delivery: Recent Advances and Challenges

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Year of Publication: 2009
DOI: 10.2174/97816080507891090101


This Ebook describes the applicability of diverse natural and synthetic biopolymers and their blends in drugs, vaccines and gene delivery. It would serve as a concise body of information on biopolymers for researchers, industries and students of pharmaceutical, chemical, engineering and biomedical sciences. Practical and theoretical concepts are presented in depth. Examples of yet untapped indigenous African polymers with drug delivery potentials are highlighted. Many natural biopolymers with excellent drug delivery properties have not been appropriately exploited because there is very concise body of information that would demonstrate their potential. This Ebook should prove to be an important resource to researchers in the field.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Augustine O Okhamafe
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- Pp. iii
Michael U. Adikwu, Charles O. Esimone
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- Pp. iv-v (2)
Michael U. Adikwu, Charles O. Esimone
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Introduction: Natural versus Synthetic Biopolymers

- Pp. 1-6 (6)
Michael U. Adikwu
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African Tropical Plant Gums: Grossly Unexploited Carriers or Adjuncts in Drug Delivery Systems

- Pp. 7-26 (20)
Vincent C. Okore
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Multifarious Potentials of Tropical Animal-Derived Biopolymers in Drug Delivery: Lessons from the African Snail Mucin

- Pp. 27-38 (12)
Michael U. Adikwu
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Application of Modified Tropical Starches in Drug Delivery

- Pp. 39-56 (18)
Emmanuel C. Ibezim
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Natural Biopolymers in Gene Therapy Delivery

- Pp. 57-62 (6)
Chukwuemeka S. Nworu, Edward C. Nwanegbo, Charles O. Esimone
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Particulate Drug Delivery: Recent Applications of Natural Biopolymers

- Pp. 63-94 (32)
Anthony A. Attama, Philip F. Builders
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Biopolymer Cross-links: Strategies for Improving Drug Release and Delivery

- Pp. 95-111 (17)
Kenneth C. Ofokansi
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Challenges of the Use of Natural Biopolymers in Drug Delivery

- Pp. 112-121 (10)
Nicholas C. Obitte, Edwin O. Omeje
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An Overview of Synthetic Biopolymers in Drug Delivery

- Pp. 122-130 (9)
Anthony A. Attama, Ikemefuna C. Uzochukwu, Godswill C. Onunkwo
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Novel Nasal Delivery Systems Based on Synthetic Biopolymers

- Pp. 131-153 (23)
Remigius U. Agu, Wendy J. Lyzenga, Michael I. Ugwoke
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Protein and Gene Delivery: Recent Applications of Synthetic Biopolymers

- Pp. 154-172 (19)
Benjamin A. Ezekoye, Charles O. Esimone
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Novel Applications of Biopolymers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

- Pp. 173-197 (25)
Kenneth C. Ofokansi, Paul A. Akpa
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Biopolymer Blends: Applications, Limitations, and Future Prospects

- Pp. 198-223 (26)
Sabinus I. Ofoeful, Anthony A. Attama
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