Chapter 4

A Brief Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms and the Genetic Doping Algorithm

Massimo Buscema and Massimiliano Capriotti


This chapter describes the Evolutionary Algorithms that indicates a range of systems of the problems’ resolution based on the use of computer, similar to the evolutionary processes. They include, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Programming, Evolutionary Strategies, Classifying Systems, Genetic Programming, and Genetic Doping Algorithm (GenD), an evolutionary algorithm, conceived by Buscema in 1998, at the Semeion Research Centre in Rome, where it is still successfully used and has been further developed. Unlike classic genetic algorithms, the GenD system maintains an inner instability during evolution, presenting a continuous evolution and a natural increase in biodiversity during the progress of the algorithm. The theory, which leads to defining the GenD system is outlined. Specific characteristics of GenD, such as the definition of a species-health aware evolutionary law, the use of genetic operators and the adoption of a structured organisation of individuals (tribes), are described. In order to measure GenD capabilities, we investigated also different problems, such as that known as the travelling sales person problem, which belongs to the class of full NP problems.

Total Pages: 12-24 (13)

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