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Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume 6

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080502911130601


Advances in Organic Synthesisis a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. It presents comprehensive articles written by eminent authorities on different synthetic approaches to selected target molecules and new methods developed to achieve specific synthetic transformations. Contributions are written by eminent scientists and each volume is edited by an authority in the field.Advances in Organic Synthesisis essential for all organic chemists in the academia and industry who wish to keep abreast of rapid and important developments in the field.

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Recent Advances in P,N-Containing Ligands for Transition-Metal Homogeneous Catalysis

- Pp. 3-58 (56)
Ioannis D. Kostas
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Transition Metal-Catalyzed [2+2] Cycloaddition Reactions Between Bicyclic Alkenes and Alkynes

- Pp. 59-114 (56)
William Tam, Kelsey Jack, Jordan Goodreid, Neil Cockburn
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Chiral Perazamacrocycles: Synthesis and Applications. Part 1

- Pp. 115-166 (52)
Diego Savoia, Andrea Gualandi
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Chiral Perazamacrocycles: Synthesis and Applications. Part 2

- Pp. 167-237 (71)
Diego Savoia, Andrea Gualandi
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Glycosylation Methods in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

- Pp. 238-295 (58)
Ana T. Carmona, Antonio J. Moreno-Vargas, Inmaculada Robina
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An Update on the Synthesis of β-Lactams

- Pp. 296-354 (59)
M. Teresa Aranda, Paula Pérez-Faginas, Rosario González-Muñiz
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Formation of Five- and Six-Membered Heterocyclic Compounds by Ring-Closing Metathesis

- Pp. 355-435 (81)
Krishna C. Majumdar, Raj K. Nandi, Krishanu Ray
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Advances in the Synthesis of Amino Acids and Analogues for Foldamers Study

- Pp. 436-486 (51)
Debasish Haldar
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- Pp. 487-508 (22)
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.The Synthetic Methods, Structures, and Properties of the Ca-C σ Bond Organocalcium Containing Compounds.