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Changing Deathscapes
Mary J. Thornbush and S.E. Thornbush

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Computationalism: The Deductive Approach or "The Mind Body Problem in a Computationalist Perspective
Bruno Marchal

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Experiential Teaching for Public Health Practice: Using Cases in Problem-Based Learning
Bud Nicola and Amy Hagopian

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The Labyrinth of Indigeneity: Social History and Latent and Manifest Identities in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
Brent Metz

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Uncertain Times: A Call for Scientists to Coevolve with Scarce Funding
Mariana L. Melcón

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United Nations, Globalization and the Plight of Third World Women and Children’s Human Rights: An International Social Justice Challenge
Saliwe Kawewe

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“Computational Autism”, “Discovering the Patterns of Autistic Reasoning”, “Autistic Reasoning: from Models to Rehabilitation”
Boris Galitsky

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