I have had very good experiences with Bentham Science, which has published my ebooks on medicinal chemistry as well as journal articles in The Natural Products Journal, Current Metabolomics and Current Drug Discovery Technologies. All of them received excellent and thorough peer-reviews, which helped me to improve their quality. In addition, Bentham Science did their own technical reviews, which also improved the ebooks and articles. The graphics department also did an excellent job of preparing the figures – especially the NMR spectra which other publishers have not done very well in some of my previous manuscripts. Throughout the publication process, communications with the editors and staff at Bentham Science have been professional, cordial, timely and quite informative. As a result, my ebook Medicinal Chemistry – Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine was accepted by the Scopus database of scientific books and can be found in several libraries. As it was an ebook, the first edition was published soon after I finished writing it in 2013. So, it contains many references that were published in 2011-2013. It was written as a textbook for a one semester course in medicinal chemistry, like the one that I taught at Park University. It tells how modern medicinal chemistry uses the best of traditional and western medicine to develop new drugs. Then, Bentham published the 2nd edition in 2014. It was written for the first semester in a two-semester course. It contains many updates since 2013 and goes into more detail than the first edition. Next, Bentham Science is about to publish the 3rd edition, which was written for the second semester in a two-semester course. It also contains many updates since 2014. Like the 2nd edition, it contains chapters that were not included in the 1st edition. In the meantime, Bentham Science also published 21 articles that I wrote for The Natural Products Journal, Current Metabolomics and Current Drug Discovery Technologies. They include research on Brazilian fruits, such as passion fruit, mangoes, avocados, açaí, noni, mangosteen and tropical blueberries. They also include review articles on network medicine and high throughput screening as well as recent advances in metabolomics. These articles helped me inform the research community about our recent discoveries as well as current trends in the field. It has also enabled me to build several fruitful international collaborations.

Robert Smith
(Park University and Consultant Science Advisor United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA)