It has been a privilege to be associated with Bentham Science and Bentham eBooks. Bentham Science is a well-respected long-time American publishing company. The Bentham eBook publishing initiative is on its way to creating a comparable tradition of excellence in virtual publishing industry. I have had the distinct pleasure of publishing four books with Bentham ebooks. My experience has been uniformly positive. In my opinion, it is a tremendous privilege to have your work professionally edited and published. The two levels of editorial review at Bentham eBooks result in professional-quality e-books, which benefits the authors, the publisher and the readers.

The most impressive thing to me about the Bentham eBook publication program is the remarkable diversity of topics. Virtually any aspect of science, including the social sciences, is an appropriate topic for a meaningful submission. The submission process is a relatively simple one, with minimal paperwork. It is very easy to submit your work to Bentham e-Books, in my experience. This makes the entire book publication process much easier.

In conclusion, I want to clearly state that I have been treated very well by Bentham eBooks. Anyone with meaningful academic work on an important topic should consider sending their work to Bentham. I have had the honor of having four books published by a commercial book publisher and another by a university press, and my experience at Bentham was comparable in all major ways to my previous publishing opportunities.

Dr. Dirk C. Gibson
(The University of New Mexico, USA)