The authors express their appreciation for excellent work done by the Bentham Science Publishers to publish the eBook entitled: “Lecture Notes in First Course on Numerical Analysis with Mathematica”.

The final manuscript was successfully completed with assistance and help of Benthams’ editorial board. The eBook constitutes a summary of authors work in the area of Numerical Analysis during over thirty years of teaching at undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Warsaw, University of Jos, Nigeria, University of Swaziland and University of Botswana. The eBook is designed and recommended as reading material for science and engineering students pursuing a course on numerical methods in undergraduate programs.

The content of the notes covers the following topics: Computer Numbers and Round-off Errors Estimates, Interpolation and Approximation of Functions, Polynomial Splines and Applications, Numerical Integration and Solution of Non-linear Equations. The authors have presented the subjects in exact and comprehensive way with emphasis on formulation of fundamental theorems with proofs supported by well selected examples. They used Mathematica, system for doing Mathematics, in solving problems specific to the subjects. In the notes, the reader will find interesting algorithms and their implementation in the Mathematica System.

Dr. Tadeusz Stys
(University of Warsaw, Poland)