Prior to working with Bentham Science Publishers, I have been involved with two different publishing companies, with which I published three books. This gives me a good perspective on the efficiency and support provided by different publishers. While I have no complaints about the other companies I worked with, I can certainly express my total satisfaction with Bentham. Trying to assemble the four hundred and fifty five pages book on Lung Function in Health and Disease, packed with equations and unusual symbols, was a formidable task for both the Author and the publishing company. The level of cooperation and professionalism I was offered by Bentham has been of the highest quality and has been instrumental in allowing me to complete such a massive task. The innumerable letters I sent to Ms. Asma Ahmed and to other members of the Bentham’s staff were answered promptly and thoroughly. I doubt that I would have been able to accomplish this project without their continuous professional support and advice.

Dr. Camillo Peracchia
(University of Rochester, USA)