Chapter 10

Beat the Virus

Aryan Khari*, Muskan Gupta, Saru Dhir and Chetna Choudhary


Coronaviruses (CoV) are a very large group of viruses that causes sickness going from the regular virus to progressively extreme maladies. An epic coronavirus (nCoV) is a different strain that has not been recently found in people. Point by point, the investigation found that SARS1-CoV was a transfer from people to people and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels 2to people. A few known coronaviruses are getting in creatures that have not yet contaminated normal people. Normal indications of virus incorporate respiratory side impacts3. In increasingly extreme cases, the disease can cause pneumonia, severe intense respiratory disorder, kidney disappointment, and even demise. In view of the rising epidemic of ‘COVID-19’; “BEAT THE VIRUS” is a side scroller4 entertaining game established to make people realize the importance of hygiene and sanitization in beating the epidemic5 of this virus. Side scrollers expect clients to move one consistent way (generally to one side). By means of a fun game, people will know the importance of ‘Masks’, ’Gloves’ and ‘Hand Sanitizer’ in fighting the virus.

Total Pages: 114-122 (9)

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