Chapter 8

Steam Flash Cycle

Tangellapalli Srinivas*


Similar to the organic flash cycle (OFC), steam flash cycle (SFC) consists of flasher to expand the liquid into liquid-vapour mixture from high pressure to low pressure. It has a significant role in power augmentation through heat recovery. This chapter reports the formulation, analysis, and performance characteristics of SFC. The performance changes of OFC with single flash and double flash are studied and compared. The source temperature is changed below and above the critical temperature of the water. Correlations are developed to find the optimum heat recovery steam generator’s (HRSG’s) pressure as a function of source temperature. The location of a single flash and double flash units are optimized at maximum power condition. The work is extended to generalize the SFC formulation to solve with ‘n’ number of flashers to simplify the complex formulae. This generalization can be used to optimize the number of flashers. A case study on SFC has been presented to understand the power generation processes with heat recovery.

Total Pages: 213-253 (41)

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