Chapter 4

Organic Rankine Cycle

Tangellapalli Srinivas*


Basic organic Rankine cycle (ORC) consists of vapor generator (boiler), turbine, condenser and pump. The vapor is generated from the waste heat recovery which is also called as heat recovery vapor generator (HRVG) But due to possibility of internal heat recovery, additionally a regenerator is used between turbine and condenser for internal heat transfer. This chapter highlights the advantage of regenerator over the basic ORC. The performance characteristics of ORC with R123, R124, 134a, R245fa, R717 and R407C are developed. The correlation equations are developed to find the optimum boiler pressure for ORC. The performance has been analyzed with a source temperature below and above the critical temperature of the fluid. The performance characteristics and specifications of ORC with these working fluids are compared.

Total Pages: 41-99 (59)

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