Chapter 3

Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Bioapplications of Some Oxygen and Sulphur Containing Seven Membered Heterocyclic Compounds

Sonali Garg, Manvinder Kaur, Dharambeer S. Malhi, Harvinder S. Sohal* and Ajay Sharma


Most of the heterocyclic compounds are pharmaceutically active and have numerous applications in various industries. Rigorous effects have been done and still going on in the search for more dynamic and advantageous compounds. Many researchers have focused their work on the synthesis of lower member heterocyclic compounds. However, not many efforts have been made for the higher membered compounds, though having equipotency. The aim of the current study is to collect and document the data available in the seven-membered heterocyclic compounds i.e. oxepin and thiepine compounds. The present study includes natural sources, drugs, synthetic methods, reactions, and biological activities of these compounds and their derivatives. Various seven-membered heterocyclic compounds have been synthesized via Friedel-craft Cyclization, Ullmann cross-coupling, Sonogashira coupling, and etc. However, biological potencies have still not been explored much by the researchers. This encouraged us to write this book chapter, as it has too much scope for future research.

Total Pages: 107-179 (73)

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