Chapter 10

Targeting Inflammation: Window for Therapeutic Strategy in Head and Neck Malignancy

Norhafiza Mat Lazim*


Inflammation is a hallmark of cancer. Inflammation is closely linked to head and neck malignancy and other solid tumors. Arrays of inflammation cascades and markers have been identified and proven to play significant roles in carcinogenesis. Many substances and molecules are secreted in response to the inflammation and its ecosystem and can be effectively measured and quantified at various stages of the carcinogenesis process. A spectrum of available inflammatory biomarkers can be a potentially effective therapeutic approach in the management armamentarium of head and neck malignancy. However, the cost, practicality, and availability are some of the major obstacles that need to be counteracted in order to progress in this challenging oncologic arena. Together with the continuous commitment from scientists, clinicians, laboratory personnel, and other related health staff, with the combination of technology updates, this new treatment approach and strategy are coming to reality. This chapter will discuss selected inflammatory biomarkers of significance critical for the armamentarium management of head and neck malignancy. Hopefully, this will escalate the treatment response of head and neck cancer patients. Hence, this ensures the patient’s survival with the best quality of life.

Total Pages: 300-322 (23)

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