Chapter 3

Use of Banana Plant Pseudo-stem Juice as the Substitute for Muriate of Potash in Agriculture: Application in the Cultivation of Rice

Dibakar Chandra Deka and Satya Ranjan Neog


Materials and methods for the use of banana plant pseudo-stem juice in the cultivation of rice paddy have been discussed. The yield of paddy from the soil treated with banana plant pseudo-stem juice is compared with that from the soil treated with muriate of potash. Juice treated soil shows a higher number of seeds per panicle, higher average seed weight as well as higher yield per unit of land as compared to potash treated soil. Overall yield in juice treated soil is 10% more than that in potash treated soil, and 40% more than that in soil not treated with potash. Thus, the banana plant pseudo-stem juice is a better replacement for potash fertilizer. Colour pictures of experimental plots are displayed.

Total Pages: 45-61 (17)

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